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Seahawks August 2 Practice Report: Everything Else


  • Matt Hasselbeck looked a little rougher after a sterling Sunday.
  • He threw a pass directed at Cameron Morrah into double coverage. It was tipped away.
  • He double clutched on an outlet pass underneath.
  • He threw one behind Owen Schmitt.
  • And a wild wobbler that flew out past the right sideline.
  • The offense looks composed and organized under Hasselbeck in a way it doesn't look under Charlie Whitehurst or J.P. Losman.

Wide Receivers

  • Deon Butler burned up a couple deep routes.
  • On one, he was running away from quality cover man Kelly Jennings. That's a good sign, because separation on deep routes is one of the missing ingredients for Butler to tap into his potential.
  • He ran a deep cross that got behind Jordan Babineaux and Jamar Adams. Impressive, but: Jordan Babineaux and Jamar Adams.
  • Golden Tate sprinted deep, snatched a pass by his fingertips, ran through the reception and burned into the end zone. Reality check: he toasted Cord Parks.
  • Ruvell Martin made a jumping reception close to the crowd that elicited a cheer. It wasn't anything special. Good on Martin for showing concentration and leaping, but he didn't high point it and he wasn't well covered (the corner had his back to the pass.) Thus is the separation between that which is exciting (a decent reception close enough to witness) and that which is actually good.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh came back a ways to grab a pass on a curl route. That's veteran savvy for you. Quarterbacks notice receivers that go the extra mile to make the reception and Housh has made a career out of it.

Defensive Backs

  • Josh Wilson made a leaping, one-handed interception at the far end of the field. Couldn't see if it was in-bounds or not.
  • He also tipped away a pass and continued to show why, despite that terrible missing inch, he is a better corner than Jennings.
  • Jennings was rocking a chin-strap beard. It looks odd.
  • Jamar Adams has a mean fro. From which, we can only hope, he derives coverage ability.