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Seahawks August 3 Practice Report: Charlie Whitehurst

Good news is fun to deliver. Today was a good practice. My notebook overfloweth. Let's get right down to it.

  • Charlie Whitehurst sold play action, rolled out and delivered a quick strike to a receiver running an out route. I love to see decisiveness from Whitehurst and today's practice was a big step up for him.
  • Another quick release.
  • Good throw on the run.
  • Whitehurst hits Kole Heckendorf coming out of his pattern. It's a curl, a pattern Whitehurst seems to have a good feel for.
  • Hits Deon Butler as he breaks.
  • Another solid pass on the move.
  • Whitehurst steps up in the pocket and outlets out of pressure.
  • Another strike on a curl.
  • Then we get a very weak pump fake that only serves to draw coverage. He lofts a deep pass into double cover -- incomplete.
  • Another pass to Heckendorf.
  • We might be getting into plays Whitehurst is less familiar with. He attempts to step out of pressure but mis-reads and is sacked-sacked. Whitehurst steps into an arm tackle and tumbles to the turf.
  • He throws off his back foot but still generates sufficient zip on a quick out.
  • And we end with him using his height to target a receiver underneath despite a crowded throwing lane.

Good practice, Charlie.