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Seahawks August 3 Practice Report: Matt Hasselbeck

I ask myself: why does performance vary? Why is Matt Hasselbeck so solid in one practice and shaky in another?

  • Hasselbeck started with an errant pass that left Golden Tate in the lurch. Tate reached for it and risked getting clobbered by Roy Lewis.
  • He found John Carlson twice over the middle.
  • Short wobbler thrown off his back foot.
  • Hasselbeck throws into double coverage underneath.
  • Good pass underneath to Julius Jones.
  • Nice throwon a roll out. This is encouraging.
  • Nice swing pass to Quintin Ganther after reading his progressions. Ganther is a smooth athlete despite his obvious stoutness.
  • Another nice pass to Ganther, this time on a wide stop route.
  • Finish with a solid pass to Carlson in the red zone. It's an underneath pattern that Carlson stretches into the end zone.

I have high standards for practice, and so while this was by no means a bad day for Hasselbeck, it had some obvious imperfections.