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Seahawks August 3 Practice Report: Linebackers

This is mostly culled from drills and one-on-one matchups in cover. Stuff that's only interesting within context. I'll see if I can provide any.

  • David Hawthorne showed some quick hands in pass rush drills. He has the ability to fight through blockers, but mostly showed that ability when blitzing. To be his best, he needs to apply that ability to fight through traffic stuffing the run.
  • Joe Pawelek and Lofa Tatupu were in uniform but out of pads. I don't know the exact reason, but Tatupu has been largely absent during drills.
  • I saw some good lateral footwork from Hawthorne and Will Herring in one drill. Herring has the better footwork and Hawthorne the better quickness.
  • I don't know if this is a good thing, but Hill is an absolute load when he pops the practice dummy.
  • Here's an interesting sequence, but first a little set up. The Seahawks run a drill in which the back or tight end flies off the line and releases into a route. The linebacker then picks up the receiver and attempts to cover him one-on-one.
  • The routes get kind of predictable after a while and Heater was sitting on a Forsett out-breaking route to the left.
  • He traced the route then broke underneath and made a slick interception.
  • Then, sometime later, Louis Rankin put a left juke step on Heater then broke to the right. He left Heater reeling, almost falling over.
  • Thus is the mixed blessing of aggressive cover. Sometimes you guess right and sometimes you're dropped like a sack of garbage.
  • The crowd is puzzled by this football thing. On one play, Hill popped a guy beginning his route and knocked him over. Loud ovation. That's not how you run a cover drill.
  • Hill showed us something a little more familiar later on. He bit way too deep covering Carlson and allowed a ton of space for Carlson to cut under and receive. Cue cleanup tackle.
  • Hawthorne was at it a little later in 11-on-11 drills. He read Julius Jones motion wide and exploded into the backfield for a sure tackle for a loss.
  • He then stayed sticky on a Jones route.
  • Hill would have destroyed Jones on another ill-conceived target. Jones wasn't so much covered as about to be killed.
  • Finally, Hill and Hawthorne got some looks at strongside linebacker in what looked like 2-3. Chris Clemons or Ricky Foley played Leo with Hill or Hawthorne opposite. Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant alternated with Craig Terrill and Colin Cole as the down linemen.