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Seahawks August 3 Practice Report: Defensive Line

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant. Did you know that? I am reaching the limits of where a banana and a handful of almonds can take me. This might be the last post for a while. Whatever doesn't get posted today will spill over to tomorrow. Plus: The Brandon Mebane 2009 Season Retrospective. Didn't think I forgot my favorite player, did you? ME! BANE!

  • Tomorrow at SB Nation Seattle I will talk about vital differences I've noticed between the way Pete Carroll conducts a practice and the way Jim Mora conducted* a practice. For now, I noticed bull and tip drills when I walked in. There's more to this than meets the eye, but most basically I think Seattle is attempting to improve its line's ability to deflect passes. Deflected passes are a component of interceptions, dontchaknow.
  • Rob Rose is all kinds of quick for a man his size. I wonder where he fits in. LoJack replacement?
  • E.J. Wilson looks lean and is showing better overall quickness than he did at North Carolina. I wasn't blown away by Wilson as a Tarheel but the coaches must have seen something they could develop. I have a lot of faith in Dan Quinn's eye for line talent.
  • Ricky Foley is very quick, no doubt.
  • He showed a respectable push move during one pass rush. His ability to not get killed by offensive linemen is vital for him making it in the NFL, but I'm still pretty skeptical. He just looks too thin without enough lower body bulk.
  • Colin Cole is a good teammate. He was slapping hands with everyone after a drill. I've read some comments wondering why I don't rip up Cole more, and I think it's simple: Cole does what's asked of him. It's not his fault that his acquisition represents losing football.
  • I noticed Nick Reed talking to Foley. It looked like a mentoring moment. Foley is 29. Reed is eternal.
  • Reed gets around the edge in a hurry, but his spin move, or at least one spin move I noticed, was pretty sad. You can't be that small and move that slow unless you want the lineman to throw you into the stands.
  • I counted as many as three sacks from Reed. He really is the Bruce Lee of pass rush. There's no reason Nick Reed should be so good at football, but he is. And he's getting better.
  • Lawrence Jackson was out of pads. I noticed, quite conspicuously, Jackson lagging behind his linemates as they hustled to huddle up with the larger group. I want, really want Jackson to overcome his ruts. I've known a lot of people that suffer failure and get down down down until the down makes the failure.
  • During his rookie season, someone use to write me and cuss me out for criticizing Jackson. I wonder if that was LoJack himself.
  • Say what you will about the scheme viability of Red Bryant at end, the move has turned a busted prospect into a heck of a 3-4 style end. He has the quickness to achieve the corner and once there, it takes a powerful tackle to stop him from crashing the edge. Leverage held him back, but his mix of power and quickness plays on the edges.
  • Bryant and Brandon Mebane each ranged out for an open field tackle -- Bryant against Force and Mebane against Jones.

*Emphasis on the past tense.