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Seahawks Worth Drafting and Why

I think I'm a week late on my CBS Sponsorship. Let's get that right out of the way and then indulge in some light content.

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Onto fantasy discussion.

Seahawk that should be drafted in all leagues

Mike Williams: Yes, Williams. I picked up Williams in the 15th round of a 16 round, ten team draft. That is Williams value in a nut shell. He isn't being selected, is widely available in the final round of most drafts and is almost certainly a wide receiver 3 or 4, and given his chemistry with Matt Hasselbeck, pure talent and red zone ability, a potential wide receiver 1 or 2. Seahawks fans should be gobbling this guy up.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: I like Housh, better than most I think but I wouldn't go crazy drafting him early. He's older. He may be losing ground to Williams, who is a similar type of receiver, and his name value and previous consistent contributions inflate his value a bit. Housh went in the sixth round of the aforementioned draft alongside players like Percy Harvin and Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez outproduced Housh at a more scarce position last season. Houshmandzadeh's value depends on the settings and the biases of your draft mates. Some people like young, and draft nothing but prospects. Some people buy into "sure things" and they will likely overvalue T.J. He has greater value in point per reception leagues and less value in leagues that emphasize touchdowns. He has value in all leagues if he drops too far. Never know when you might stumble upon a bunch of Housh-haters. Otherwise, better value to be found in someone like Nate Burleson, who I drafted in the 14.

Seahawks to be wary of

Justin Forsett: Forsett was the first player selected in the sixth round. That is a mistake. Best case, Forsett wins the nominal starting job and totals around 250 touches. That makes him a fringe RB2 or Flex. Worst case, he is buried behind Leon Washington and proves less capable running in a pure zone blocking scheme than he did in the hybridized version Seattle was running last year. Too much hype, his total number of touches is too uncertain, and he has shown little in the preseason to support his status as an up and coming back. This is a risky pick and the upside is not nearly what some hope.

John Carlson: People love John Carlson. Not just Seahawks fans, but football fans love John Carlson. The problem from a fantasy perspective is Carlson is likely selected in the middle to early-late rounds and he may not be better than another tight end that can be selected at the very end of the draft. Carlson was selected in the ninth round, a pretty typical placement I think, and similarly valued players like Fred Davis, Kevin Boss and Jeremy Shockey are all free agents. Carlson is another player that is not clearly better than other players that are being selected later or not at all, and that means that though he has some upside, he may be overvalued.

Deep Sleepers

Leon Washington: When push comes to shove, coaches like to ride the hot hand. Washington is the running back Seattle is most likely to pound the rock with. For one thing, he is on a one-year contract. For another, he is the best fit for Seattle's zone blocking scheme. If Seattle had faced some bag of doughnuts run defense and not the Vikings, Washington might have shown enough to generate interest. As is, he is unlikely to be drafted. You can wait and see or you can draft and stash. He should be a high variance flex player that can win you some games and give you some basic value through receptions, and Washington could be as good as a RB2.

Seahawks Defense: Deep leagues only, or for that strange type that drafts multiple defenses and plays matchups. Seattle should be on the waiver wire. Valuable against Sam Bradford and similarly crappy quarterbacks that generate turnovers, and extra valuable because players like Earl Thomas and Josh Wilson can turn picks into points.

It's always fun to have a Seahawks on your fantasy team and it always sucks when they burn you and you have to drop them.