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DKSB's Indisputably Accurate 2010-2011 NFL Predictions

All preseason predictions are, to a greater or lesser degree, bullshit. The beauty of this game is its unpredictability. Anyone who tells you they KNOW who will make the playoffs, who will win the Super Bowl, etc, is trying to sell you something. Folks with deeper, more detailed knowledge of the game might be able to give you slightly more accurate predictions, but at the end of the day it's still at best educated guessing.

I've always had particularly deep contempt for implausible preseason predictions. I don't mean things like "the Rams will make the playoffs," either. I'm talking about when some lazy sportswriter predicts the records for all 32 teams and comes up with an impossible aggregate record, or predicts playoff matchups without working through tiebreakers, etc. That's why every year I go through the ENTIRE regular season (using a grid like this) and predict the winner of EVERY game, so all the pieces fit together. After the jump, my own particular flavor of bullshit, which you can dissect in the comments at your leisure. (and don't be shy about moseying over to my home blog, Dave Krieg's Strike Beard)

NFC West

  1. Seattle (9-7) #4
  2. San Fransisco (9-7)
  3. Arizona (6-10)
  4. St. Louis (4-12)
NFC North
  1. Green Bay (12-4) #1
  2. Minnesota (11-5) #5
  3. Chicago (7-9)
  4. Detroit (4-12)
NFC South
  1. Atlanta (12-4) #2
  2. New Orleans (10-6) #6
  3. Tampa Bay (5-11)
  4. Carolina (4-12)
NFC East
  1. New York (9-7) #3
  2. Dallas (8-8)
  3. Philadelphia (7-9)
  4. DC (6-10)
NFC Playoffs
Wild Card Round: Seahawks defeat Vikings, Saints defeat Giants
Divisional Round: Falcons defeat Seahawks, Saints defeat Packers
NFC Championship: Falcons defeat Saints

AFC West
  1. San Diego (12-4) #1
  2. Oakland (7-9)
  3. Kansas City (7-9)
  4. Denver (4-12)
AFC North
  1. Baltimore (10-6) #4
  2. Cincinnati (8-8)
  3. Pittsburgh (8-8)
  4. Cleveland (7-9)
AFC South
  1. Indianapolis (11-5) #3
  2. Houston (10-6) #5
  3. Tennessee (9-7)
  4. Jacksonville (5-11)
AFC East
  1. New England (11-5) #2
  2. Miami (9-7) #6
  3. New York (9-7)
  4. Buffalo (3-13)
AFC Playoffs
Wild Card Round: Colts defeat Dolphins, Ravens defeat Texans
Divisional Round: Colts defeat Patriots, Ravens defeat Chargers
AFC Championship: Ravens defeat Colts

Falcons 17, Ravens 14 (OT)
MVP: Michael Turner

NFL MVP: Aaron Rodgers, Packers
NFL DPOY: Jared Allen, Vikings
NFL OROY: Ryan Mathews, Chargers
NFL DROY: Earl Thomas, Seahawks
Coach of the year: Pete Carroll, Seahawks

There you have it. What do you think, sirs?