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Almost Seven

This was a good drive. It never achieved a first down. It squandered a gimme shot a three. But it was a good drive.

1-10-MIN 28 (12:27) 33-L.Washington up the middle to MIN 22 for 6 yards.

I mentioned this play in my training camp reports. It looked clumsy and too clever against a prepared defense, but worked awfully well against the Vikings. The meat of it is a pitch left that turns into an inside zone right. Curious, eh? No Viking was credited with the tackle. That doesn't happen too often. I credited Kevin Williams who disengaged from Mike Gibson and walled off the hole.

You might notice Gibson is getting a lot of run and not in a good way, but look closer: Kevin Williams tackles after six on first and 10.

Push. Against the Williams Wall. That would seem to be the Mike Gibson difference. Also: fewer back wrenching blocks on the verge of total collapse. Watching Hamilton block made my back hurt.

2-4-MIN 22 (11:57) 33-L.Washington right guard to MIN 21 for 1 yard (52-C.Greenway).

This play had the makings of touchdown run. Washington cost the offensive line a longer run. Can bad news be good news and be Orwellian?

John Carlson motions right. From Unger to Carlson, Seattle makes a wall of blockers that barrier the right. Gibson and Mansfield Wrotto turn their assignments so that the defenders' backs are facing the left sideline. Chris Spencer is assigned the heavy lifting. He single-blocks Pat Williams.

And it works, all-in-all. Wrotto and Gibson channel their defenders wide and neither Vikings has much chance to chase Washington from behind. The right side has contained the Vikings left and E.J. Henderson and Ben Leber are caught in the flow. Spencer and Williams enact a physics equation, proving equally offsetting forces create equilibrium (albeit and equilibrium with frightening potential energy.)  Spencer achieves a little push right, but it's mostly a standoff and, hell, that's pretty good. Chad Greenway thinks so. Chad Greenway runs smack into Pat's back perhaps assuming Williams would outman his assignment and create a rush lane.

So there is this ...


And you see how awesome that could have been.

Washington stumbles attempting a cut back and Greenway wraps around Williams and Spencer to tackle Washington in the hole.

The next play breaks down at a couple points, but John Carlson's failed cut block attempt on Jared Allen ends it.

3-3-MIN 21 (11:30) 33-L.Washington right tackle to MIN 20 for 1 yard (69-J.Allen).

Some hijinks later, Seattle turns over the ball on a failed field goal attempt.