Seahawks trade Josh Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens for conditional 5th round pick


Are you sure you don't mean Kelly Jennings, Mr Schefter? Please mean Kelly Jennings. The mind boggles. EDIT: Seahawks have indeed confirmed the move. Word is it's a 5th rounder that can become a 4th rounder. If anyone can make any sense of this incineration of value then feel free to help us out, I can't make heads or tails from it. It does look like the team likes Walter Thurmond (and Roy Lewis, presumably), and that's fine. Pete, you inherited this roster and we get that not all the players are off your choice. What I don't get is: a) unlike Tapp and Jackson, there's nothing wrong with Josh Wilson playing in this defensive system, he fits it fine. b) if you have to get rid of players, can you really, honestly do no better than this piddling return from a team desperate for cornerbacks? Ozzie Newsome expects Wilson to start W1. A starter for a 4/5th rounder? On what planet is that a reasonable trade? EDIT: Pete Carroll and John Schneider held a press conference to explain the trade but offered no real explanation. From Doug Farrar's twitter: Press conf. with Pete Carroll and John Schneider just wrapped up -- they discussed the Josh Wilson trade. Carroll said that the play of rookie Walter Thurmond was a deciding factor -- they're confident enough in their depth guys & Kelly Jennings. But Thurmond was the primary reason. They love his quickness, his ability to man up into contact and his range. Trade was also affected by Trufant's excellent play this preseason. Slightly less of a need to keep a higher depth chart on roster now. Re: the value, Schneider brought up that Randy Moss was traded for a fourth -- "that's what the market was."