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Seattle Seahawks Trade Josh Wilson to Baltimore Ravens for Conditional Fifth-Round Pick

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The purge continues.

Am I angry? Yes I am angry.

Here's the skinny: Josh Wilson is a 25-year old corner and former second-round pick that has amassed in three seasons, and mostly on very poor pass defenses, more value than an average fifth-round pick amasses in their entire career. He is a ball hawk and an impresario of the pick six. In two seasons starting, he has six interceptions and three returned for touchdowns. Wilson has averaged 43.5 yards per interception.

2010 is his contract year. Wilson is due $550,000 on the back end of a four-year deal.

Josh Wilson was my second favorite Seahawk, for whatever that's worth. He is an excellent nickelback, a sound and sometimes punishing open field tackler (Wilson forced three fumbles in 2008) that has shown improving cover skills. His tools, minus his height, are off the charts. He ran a legitimate 4.39 forty at the 2007 NFL Combine. That showing bests all defensive backs in the 2010 class. Every single one of them. 58 of the very best talents in college football, including Eric Berry, Earl Thomas and Taylor Mays, and not one ran a faster forty than Wilson. He also flashed a 36.5 inch vertical, popped 20 reps on the bench and scored a 29 on the Wonderlic.

Seattle just turned what every team hopes a second-round pick can become into a fifth-round pick. The Seahawks secondary is young and deep. The recovery of Walter Thurmond and emergence of Roy Lewis means Seattle is dealing from a position of strength. That, Wilson's looming contract, and a narrow commitment to "building through the draft" is the justification for this move. A realistic evaluation of Wilson's talent and the true value of a fifth-round pick is the damning reality.

Seattle is worse today than it was yesterday. Much worse. And for what? Another Owen Schmitt, Will Herring, David Kirtman or Jeb Huckeba?

Good luck in Baltimore, Pistol.