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Seahawks August 5 Practice Report: Defensive Line

The defensive line was the other unit clearly visible before everything was relocated.

  • If the NFL ever puts sizes restrictions on players, Quinn Pitcock is going to OWN. Good, quick hands and just great overall technique and effort, but he is relatively tiny for a defensive tackle. Training reinforced one thing and over and over: size is the ultimate tool.
  • Kevin Vickerson was out of pads.
  • More work on situational and tip drills. This is speculation on my part, but watching linemen working on steering other linemen makes me wonder if Seattle's isn't incorporating more classic 3-4 element. A linemen will often steer an offensive lineman to create a pass rush lane.
  • Brandon Mebane's pass rushing moves are a work in progress. Pitcock, Craig Terrill and Red Bryant all looked to have quicker, more explosive hand punches.
  • Mebane doesn't look his best, I'm afraid. He's too good and too established to really worry about it, but it's one note I've been sitting on for a few days that, in light of the limited visibility, I thought I would include in today's notes.
  • I wouldn't worry for a second about Brandon.