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Seahawks August 5 Practice Report: Defensive Backs and Wide Receivers

Just a little bit more coming. This was not a great day for notes.

Wide Receiver

  • Isaiah Stanback is thickly built for a wide receiver. Not what you would call prototypical. So it was good to see a quick release on a few routes. That ability also speaks to his transition from quarterback. He is getting down the timing.
  • Mike Williams made a high, tip-catch reception that scraped the sky. He has an unbelievable combination of reach, height and hops that is going to encourage Matt Hasselbeck to throw a few more jump balls. This pass was from Charlie Whitehurst.
  • Williams is not that fast and not particularly quick. He will need to command space to create separation. He can, but I haven't seen him consistently do it. That is another very interesting angle heading into the preseason.
  • From Tuesday's practice: Williams delivered a jolting block on, I believe, Kennard Cox but it could have been Cord Parks. He hit with with enough force that not only was Cox/Parks jolted back, but it looked like Williams might have grabbed his teammate's jersey and prevented a pancake. That's nice to see. Seattle doesn't have a lot of bruisers that split wide.
  • Deon Butler had a nice speed cut on a quick out.

Defensive Backs

  • It shouldn't surprise anyone that Jordan Babineaux excels at fumble recovery drills.
  • He looks sluggish running routes though. As a measure of field speed, Babs is field slow.
  • Roy Lewis grabbed a pick. He is turning himself into a perennial camp body. That can land a position for some players, think: Kevin Hobbs.
  • Kam Chancellor was out of pads again. It's funny, but when I first saw him, I thought he was in pads, such is the breadth of his shoulders. Enough praise for his tools. Kid needs to see some snaps. Get well, Kam.