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Seahawks August 5 Practice Report: Offensive Line

Last post for today and then I need to eat something that is neither a banana nor a banana.

  • Part of Julius Jones cutting back and cutting back some more is the defensive line was crashing the offensive left with some regularity. We need you, Russell.
  • The quarterbacks were seeing some pressure too. It's said that the defense tends to gel quicker than the offense. Hopefully that's true of this line.
  • On second look, Ben Hamilton is amazingly lean. I would not be the least surprised if he's sub-280. Not the least. And I think I'm adjusting down as to not be shocking. He simply does not look like any other offensive lineman on the field. In a weird way, this makes me like him so much more.
  • E.J. Wilson got a no doubter off right end. Did I mention Seattle needing Russell Okung?
  • Leroy Hill came untouched off right end on a blitz. He is rounding into shape.
  •  And we end with a little team disharmony: Colin Cole and Max Unger were getting chippy with each other. I couldn't tell the exact cause. I think Unger may have landed a late, not super late, block and Colin wasn't cool with that. Unger just walked away.