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O'Neil: Okung En Route to Team Head Quarters

Danny O'Neil tweeted about an hour ago:

Confirmed: #Seahawks have agreed with Russell Okung, who is en route to team headquarters.

Which means there's a solid chance he will practice today. It's looking cloudy, but Weather Underground puts the chance of rain at 10%. We should see some burn off and then it looks like practice will run as usual. Usual, except, bigger, more powerful and with 100% more Okie Black Hole at left tackle.

I still have some notes from yesterday's practice, but I am edging on my seat in anticipation of finally seeing Okung up close. Today's first report should be focused on Okung and submitted around 4pm. As a quick catchup for those that do something other than eat and sleep football year-round, here's my brief and incomplete evaluation of Okung and an excerpt:

Which is the final matter: Okung is not a cut-from-the-cloth zone blocker. His footwork is terrific and he moves very well for an offensive linemen, but he does not fit the lean, quick and agile profile of a prototypical zone blocker. His cut blocking is methodical rather than explosive. He has the power and technique to engage and position a defender, but he is going to miss some blocks and achieve only glancing blows on too many others. His raw power and ability to steer defenders means he fits a traditional power blocking scheme much better than a pure zone scheme, but it's the latter he will play. Washington drafted Trent Williams to fit their zone scheme and though Williams is not the pass blocker Okung is, he is a better fit for the system.

Okung has immense potential and a very high likelihood of reaching it. His best quality is his pass blocking. Okung could be a legendary pass blocker. It's within his reach. I don't think he has the same potential of say Ryan Clady to move into the second and third level on sweeps and screen passes and batter defenders on the move. But then no left tackle short of Walter Jones gives you everything. That Okung has Jones-like potential as a pass blocker, maybe better, is plenty exciting.