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Seahawks August 5 Practice Report: Wide Receivers

A quickie before I get on the bus.


Not that kind of quickie, you perverts.

  • Golden Tate turns too quickly when entering his routes. I think this one of those moments where pure ability, he has incredible coordination that masks his inexperience catching and running routes, can not cover for lack of experience. He'll get his timing down.
  • He just looks so much like a running back: thick as hell and powerful. He will break tackles and leave DBs prostrate, defeated.
  • Deion Branch made a diving, rolling catch over the middle. He just might be good enough to escape release.
  • He flashes with his cutting ability. He flashes with a lot of stuff. I just wish the guy could stay healthy. I know, original thought.
  • Matt Hasselbeck overthrew Mike Williams. Reattach your jaws. The play was only about 35 yards down field.
  • Overthrowing Williams is a feat. He not covers about 12 feet of vertical space when he runs and high points a reception.
  • Williams is a quality route-runner and that might allow him to separate despite so-so burst. He had a step on an underneath route but was quickly tracked down after the reception. Run after catch is not his game.
  • Williams broke free under Marcus Trufant. Tru is an exceptional man-cover corner, and so popping free on a simple route really speaks to Williams ability to stick his cuts.
  • He showed how that ability can turn deadly when he stuck a double move. Nail the the curl, set up the double move, kill kill kill.
  • Then he did: flashing free deep in the space between the safety and the corner, deep up the right sideline. Touchdown.
  • Deon Butler grabbed a reception underneath against Kelly Jennings. That's a dream matchup for Butler. If only Jennings could play for another, every other team.
  • This speak of Charlie Whitehurst more than Butler, but shoot, I got to run, so let's get this out there: Whitehurst escaped pressure, rolled right and slung it deep to Butler. Butler was behind coverage and pulled in a hard, juggling reception.