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Seahawks August 6 Practice Report: Russell Okung, Part 1

What follows is a chronological list of notes about Russell Okung. He dominated my attention.

  • Okung was playing with the second unit. Ray Willis started with the first unit.
  • Okung and Willis play mostly out of the two-point.
  • He fanned out and stopped Red Bryant on the first two plays I saw. The depth where the matchup stops is a noticeable difference between Okung and Willis. Willis cleans up. Okung stonewalls.
  • He then showed solid movement pulling from the left to the right.
  • He doubled Bryant and froze him were they engaged. Bryant leapt and attempted to slap the pass away.
  • Okung shows the high-kneed drop step he flashed in college, keeps up with Ricky Foley and then pops him reeling.
  • Shades Foley, pops him back but loses the block. It's almost immaterial at this point.
  • He engages, twists, turns, twists Nick Reed and then pancakes him. That might count as a crepe.
  • Reed attains the edge and Okung is forced to hold. Minor hold but noticeable.
  • Shades out, dominates Reed.
  • Initially loses the edge against Foley, continues around the corner and pops him hard, clearing him wide.
  • Chases blitzing player inside, misses block and does not recover in time to put a block on the wide blitzing player.
  • Slides Foley around the edge and tosses him backwards.
  • Craig Terrill stunts towards Okung but doesn't even try. Terrill pulls up short and stands across from Okung as the snap plays out.