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Seahawks August 6 Practice Report: Russell Okung, Part 2

Thanks to Caffe Felice in Renton. Great staff, good coffee and incredibly convenient for me.

  • Russell Okung pulls left pops Craig Terrill into the pile, and then pivots left to block the cutback lane. Loved this play. This is how Okung pull-blocks. He isn't amazingly swift, but the quickness gets him there and the power tears a hole in the universe.
  • Okung gets under, steers and neutralizes Chris Clemons ten yards away from the action.
  • Nick Reed did the Nick Reed thing turning a quick first step and excellent awareness into a tipped away pass. Okung never got a good block on him.
  • Okung thrashes Terrill.
  • Turns Terrill right on a run left and pushes him away from the action.
  • Pulls left and tosses Clemons on a designed quarterback run right.
  • Earl Thomas engages hyperdrive and flies from the third level towards and around Okung for an untouched shot at the quarterback. Think it forced a pick.
  • Okung locks down Clemons twice in quick succession.
  • We end with the workmanlike good, and vital change of Okung replacing Ray Willis: Okung engaging and standing ground against Red Bryant. You're on notice Chris Long, Calais Campbell, Darnell Dockett and Justin Smith.