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Seahawks August 6 Practice Report: Running Backs and Tight Ends

I will be driving for part of the day, but should have some more stuff, plus links to the local coverage this afternoon.

Thank you Seattle. You are beautiful.

  • Would the Justin Forsett of 2009 be enough for Seahawks fans? He was in 2009 form on Friday, showing his ability to catch and redirect, and his ability to power through the first tackle and keep chugging. Some hits that would tackle another rusher, knock Forsett low but do not stop him.
  • If Seattle is committed to using its fullback, and count me as doubtful, Owen Schmitt needs to step up big time. He is showing better ability as a pass catcher, flashing a smoother and quicker redirect. It's necessary. As is, Schmitt is a borderline liability as a receiver.
  • Good hard pass block by Julius Jones.
  • And again.
  • And again.
  • Leon Washington displayed an open-field sidestep that no other Seahawk rusher is capable of. He caught, turned up field, juked hard left and then continued up field. Weapon.
  • Jones saw the hole and exploded up the gut.
  • Forsett popped through the hole and smacked hard into Ben Hamilton. Shades of last season.
  • He then broke tackles and spun up field, on the final noteworthy play by the backs.

Tight Ends

  • Cameron Morrah curled left on a short pattern and then quickly turned up field for run after catch.
  • Anthony McCoy dropped an easy reception over the middle.
  • He caught a pass that barely skimmed past a defender. It's a tough catch that I've seen plenty of receivers miss. The pass was low and obstructed by the defender, but McCoy focused and pulled it in. Seattle needs to keep four tight ends.
  • Chris Baker is slow, very slow, but smooth and a quality athlete. No word yet on his blocking.