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Seahawks August 6 Training Camp Notes: Everything Else

I'm home and awake. Always good. Here is a final batch of notes from yesterday's practice.

  • Bill Leavy was free of harassment by onlooking Seahawks fans. This was an opportunity to be classy, but instead I think fans were simply unaware. Few seemed to recognize Leavy, even when he called a holding penalty during scrimmage. If that's not an unforgettable image ...
  • A very informed fan next to me knew, and I knew, but it was better not to start a commotion. One person heckling Leavy would have caused a stir would have caused a rabble would have caused a riot. Maybe the most telling part was that those that recognized Leavy ultimately left him alone.
  • In the process of evaluating Russell Okung, it was impossible not to take notice of Ray Willis playing left tackle. Now, long story short: Willis is probably the best available non-starter. Otherwise, we would probably see Sean Locklear out there. But what if Okung misses a start, how would Big Ray do?
  • If practice is any indication, it would look a lot like his performance against Robert Mathis. Not shameful, but surfing the curl of disaster.
  • He shaded and cleared Ricky Foley. He hustles to keep up and his power allows him to clear, but, against speed rushers, he's always one missed step away from allowing a sack.
  • He hit but lost Matt McCoy. He's not very good on the move, either.
  • Matt Hasselbeck double-clutched himself into a sack.
  • Then he badly underthrew a short pass. He didn't set and it fell short.
  • And, not that this is representative of his overall performance, he threw a pass off his back foot and it flew wide along the sideline. It was a small window.
  • Finally got some looks at Dexter Davis. He busted through Locklear and recorded a sack.
  • Barely a play later, he beat Willis to the edge and recorded another sack. This guy should be the rushing the passer.