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Break (As in, Mebane breaks through McKinnie, breaks down to tackle and shatters the Vikings 16 play drive into broken, pointless pieces)

Seattle was set in a 2-3 but Pete Carroll rushed the field to call a timeout. Two things: 2-4, interesting. Carroll really, really likes the spotlight.

  • 3-8-SEA 18 (4:22) (Shotgun) 4-B.Favre pass short left to 85-G.Camarillo to SEA 6 for 12 yards (Team).
  • Jordan Babineaux allows too much space on an out route and Brett Favre hits Greg Camarillo in space for an easy 12. Seattle rushed five. Every receiver was well covered but Camarillo. That's good and bad and Babineaux.
  • 1-6-SEA 6 (3:43) 28-A.Peterson right end to SEA 5 for 1 yard (79-R.Bryant).
  • Kevin Vickerson strings the play wide, Will Herring* pops the fullback and Red Bryant commands what I call a floating edge. He controls Phil Loadholt in space (!) and is able to disengage when Peterson approaches. If nothing else, Bryant should make for a hell of a run defender.
  • 2-5-SEA 5 (2:59) 28-A.Peterson left guard to SEA 2 for 3 yards (90-C.Cole).
  • Lofa Tatupu drops the pull blocker. Visanthe Shiancoe misses Will Herring but Herring misses Peterson and Peterson is into the hole with minimal yardage to the end zone. Luckily, Colin Cole, master of favorable matchups, disengages from Anthony Herrera and makes a saving tackle on Peterson.
  • 3-2-SEA 2 (2:14) 28-A.Peterson left guard to SEA 2 for no gain (51-L.Tatupu).
  • Minnesota motions its right tight to the left end and puts two tight ends opposite Chris Clemons and the Seahawks weak side. That works. The two tight ends, McKinnie and Hutchinson wall off the left. Herrera has turned Cole right and the right guard is pulling through the hole. Bad medicine. Peterson slips attempting to cut inside. Tats falls on him. It's debatable whether Tatupu would have stopped Peterson in the hole, regardless.
  • 4-2-SEA 2 (2:14) 62-R.Cook reported in as eligible. 28-A.Peterson left tackle to SEA 2 for no gain (51-L.Tatupu; 59-A.Curry).
  • Every so often, one player makes a play independent of his teammates. This is one such play.
  • The Vikings have a tight end on the left that's actually a guard, Ryan Cook, two tight ends right and the backs in an "I" formation. Seattle has five down linemen. E.J. Wilson is the right defensive end and opposite Cook. Brandon Mebane is opposite Bryant McKinnie. This is where Seattle wins. Mebane gets under, forces back and sheds McKinnie. He then turns and tackles Peterson. Why are Curry and Tatupu given credit for the tackle? I have no clue. Mebane hits Peterson. Peterson attempts to spin out of the tackle. Mebane wraps his feet and sends him turfwards. Tatupu and Curry fall on a fallen Peterson.
  • Give those men a tackle.

*Still forming an opinion on Will Herring.