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Fall Forward, Anthony McCoy

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He didn't and that is the story of this play:

  • 1-10-SEA 2 (1:26) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short right to 85-A.McCoy to SEA 3 for 1 yard (26-A.Winfield).
  • Seattle attempts its nth permutation of this play, Antoine Winfield breaks on it and tackles McCoy where he stands. McCoy needs to lower his shoulder and stretch himself forward. Guy is two yards by his lonesome. It is somewhat interesting that Winfield was the person that tackles McCoy. Seattle started in a 2 TE (left/right), 2 WR (left/right and tight) formation. Matt Hasselbeck motioned play action. One would think Winfield would chase the receiver. Instead, he stayed at home and closed on McCoy. Diminishing returns.
  • 2-9-SEA 3 (:50) 33-L.Washington right end to SEA 4 for 1 yard (26-A.Winfield).
  • Seattle attempts to stretch right but Ben Leber blows by Mansfield Wrotto and nearly tackles Leon Washington for a safety. This is one of a handful of plays in which Seattle did not protect Wrotto. John Carlson initially loses Ray Edwards but is able to recover and pancake Edwards after Washington redirects. This was a hard-fought one yard gain.
  • 3-8-SEA 4 (:10) 33-L.Washington right guard to SEA 7 for 3 yards (94-P.Williams).
  • And this was almost special. Everything goes right but a cut block. Everything goes right but a cut block and very good anticipation by Asher Allen. Allen evades Deion Branch and cuts into the fray and is one of two players around Washington when he is tackled. The other is Williams. Mike Gibson fails to land the cut block and his target, Pat Williams, ends the play.
  • Here's what went right: Max Unger engages Kevin Williams, loses ground but then turns Williams so that his back faces the right sideline. Woo. Chris Spencer pulls forward and converges with fellow pulling lineman Sean Locklear to land a double team on Chad Greenway. Locklear disengages and blows back Winfield. All of this works really well. Washington has a developing hole that, if he can reach, gives him a lot of open turf in the third level.