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Open College Football Thread

Florida State at Oklahoma

Rodney Hudson

Rodney Hudson is good enough to lure Alex Gibbs out of retirement. For a minicamp. Hudson is short and slight and not entirely quick enough to make up for either, but his mobility, tenacity and technique are among the best in college football. He could easily fall into the second round after the pre-draft meat grinder has weighed and measured and determined his body inadequate -- too small. As a zone blocker, Hudson is as pure as the purest quasi-legal cut block. Just a fun player to watch, and maybe a scheme fit, depending on where this boats'agoin. Bates would approve. Gibbs would approve. I'll leave it at that.

DeMarco Murray

If Seattle wants to step up to a feature back before next season, DeMarco Murrary is a one-cut and go rusher with good size and good speed. Presumably only Justin Forsett and Quinton Ganther will remain among the current stable, so there's a need. Murray was heavily recruited by USC's Todd McNair before signing with Oklahoma, so there is or was interest. He has a projectable, pro-style frame and sub 4.5 speed, meaning Schneider can check off the "size" and "speed" boxes on his scouting rubric. I'm not really head over tits for the guy, but Seahawks fans should take note. Murray may be in Blue next fall.

Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder doesn't have the War Wolf of a Stafford or Locker, but his arm strength is comparable to that of Charlie Whitehurst, so plenty good. He has keen footwork, the coordination and athleticism of a young Hasselbeck, a hell of a head on his shoulders and enough accuracy to make any of the aforementioned matter. Ponder exists somewhere between Matt Hasselbeck, Zac Robinson and Charlie Whitehurst, and might be available outside the top ten. A franchise quarterback prospect just beginning a crucial senior season, Ponder is not only interesting from a pure scouting perspective, he is especially interesting from a Seahawks fan's perspective.

Because, If you could watch Seattle's quarterback of the future today, wouldn't you?