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49ers Long Drive to Nowhere, Part 2

3-1-SF 30 (5:25) 11-A.Smith pass short left to 46-Del.Walker to SF 44 for 14 yards (29-E.Thomas).

Dexter Davis in. Dexter Davis falls, taking the teeth out of the pass rush. Brandon Mebane and Colin Cole establish good push and Mebane flashes for a second before being pushed over attempting to redirect and sack Alex Smith. Smith finds Delanie Walker running an out towards the left sideline. The route cuts over Lofa Tatupu's zone and under Earl Thomas's.

1-10-SF 44 (4:40) 11-A.Smith pass short middle to 85-V.Davis to SEA 47 for 9 yards (51-L.Tatupu).

Cole is playing nose. He gets a good jump and isolates David Baas. End of story. Mebane swims Mike Iupati on the left and closes and nearly sacks Smith. Aaron Curry covers Michael Crabtree. Crabtree eventually beats Curry towards the outside, but Smith looks off Crabtree and finds Vernon Davis crossing from right to left. Kelly Jennings is closing from the front and Tatupu is in trail position. Tatupu wraps and tackles just short of the first.

2-1-SEA 47 (3:40) 21-F.Gore up the middle to SEA 44 for 3 yards (58-D.Davis, 92-B.Mebane).

Junior Siavii substitutes for Cole. Kentwan Balmer substitutes for Red Bryant. Mebane is opposite Iupati. He strikes Iupati, but is knocked over when Joe Staley ignores Davis and hits Mebane low, knocking him over. Vernon Davis motions left and releases, allowing Dexter Davis free into the backfield. Chilo Rachel pulls from the right and lands a glancing blow on Davis. Seahawks swarm the ball, but there's just too much push in the center and Gore falls forward for three and an easy first.

1-10-SEA 44 (3:00) 11-A.Smith pass short right to 21-F.Gore to SEA 35 for 9 yards (51-L.Tatupu; 57-D.Hawthorne).

Gore leaks from the backfield, squares in front of Tatupu and cuts right and free. He receives before being bottled from the front and caught from behind by Hawthorne and Tatupu respectively.

2-1-SEA 35 (2:14) 21-F.Gore left tackle to SEA 29 for 6 yards (90-C.Cole).

Seattle reverses its strong side and weak side hastily before the snap. The right tackle and right guard double and drop Mebane. Gore approaches the line and then cuts hard left. Curry is supposed to contain, but is caught in over-pursuit. Vernon Davis blocks Curry into the pile to set the edge. Gore powers off left end and looks very close to breaking into the open field, but is caught from behind by a saving tackle by Cole.