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Protecting Bad Field Position

First against the wall.
First against the wall.

The file I downloaded suffers a seizure every time I try to rewind, and essential abilities like slow-motion are completely out the window. I don't want to fake a level of detail I'm just not capable of so, from here on out notes format.

I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new DVD recorder. It's nice that the Seahawks started the season strong, because I have crapped the bed. Time to rally.

This covers the 49ers nine play drive that started at 12:11. After that, I will offer notes for the second, third and fourth quarter.

  • Red Bryant started the drive with a ripping inside move on Anthony Davis. It's not uncommon for a tackle to get through a blocker, but what made this so exciting is that Bryant didn't work through and then get worked in space, he closed in a flash and when Alex Smith attempted to move right and away, Bryant stuck out an arm and slapped the ball away. There were many cool plays this last Sunday, many that proved more important to the outcome of the game, but there was no more promising play than Big Red's meathook sack on Smith.
  • Aaron Curry seemed disappointed about Davis's fumble recovery. Hard to say why exactly, but maybe Curry is pressing. Guy was vaunted as the can't miss linebacker prospect of the decade, and since turning pro, all he's done is miss.
  • Like a lot of people, I didn't see the phantom neutral zone infraction called against Seattle. I don't bag on the refs too much, but at least provide the name of the offender. I didn't see a penalty by either team, just good timing by Seattle.
  • Lofa Tatupu fought through a pull block and caught Vernon Davis just short of the first. That forced fourth and inches.
  • Which was easily converted by Michael Crabtree on a speed out. Blown coverage: Jordan Babineaux.
  • Chris Clemons took a poor angle and blew contain on the Delanie Walker end around. That's the sort of nuts and bolts defensive end stuff you expect Clemons to struggle with at first.
  • Brandon Mebane exploded through Mike Iupati, forced a check down to Walker and then slammed into Smith. Good, good, good, except Curry broke coverage and Tatupu had to clean up.
  • I wasn't ecstatic that Seattle spent its highest draft pick in almost twenty years on a linebacker, but I never though Curry would be so frustratingly sloppy. Suck less, Curry. For all of us.
  • Seahawks swarmed to fill Gore's second and three goal line rush. Without slow motion, I can not be sure who exactly took care of business, but let's just call it a team effort.
  • Colin Cole stood up center David Baas and stopped Moran Norris's plunge.
  • Some more sloppy play by San Francisco later and Joe Nedney kicked the easy field goal.