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From Start to Interception, Part 1

It wasn't all feast or famine for Hasselbeck. There was some feast, some famine and some flubs.
It wasn't all feast or famine for Hasselbeck. There was some feast, some famine and some flubs.

1-10-SEA 20 (14:57) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete short right to 32-Q.Ganther.

Quinton is lined wide right, just right of Mike Williams. Broncos rush five from a 3-4. Matt Hasselbeck takes a three step drop, fires, but the pass is tipped wide by Jason Hunter.

2-10-SEA 20 (14:57) 20-J.Forsett left guard to SEA 23 for 3 yards (56-R.Ayers, 20-B.Dawkins).

Broncos are set in a 3-3, with Hunter the blindside end. Tyler Polumbus moves Hunter hard right. John Carlson pulls from right tight to off left end and cuts Mario Haggans hard and to the turf. Justin Forsett takes the hand off off left end and has a whopper of a hole, but inexplicably jukes in space and is swarmed and tackled by Robert Ayers and Brian Dawkins. Just run, Force. Run run run.

Timeout #1 by SEA at 14:19.

3-7-SEA 23 (14:18) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short right to 11-D.Butler pushed ob at SEA 35 for 12 yards (21-A.Goodman).

Deon Butler motions from wide left to just inside left slot receiver Williams. Snap. Broncos send six. The pocket holds. Butler outpaces Andre Goodman on a drag route, runs into and through an accurate pass by Hasselbeck and towards and up the right sideline for 12.

1-10-SEA 35 (13:53) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete deep left to 89-J.Carlson.

This seemed minor at the time. Daryl Johnston bent over backwards to blame Carlson. I sort of understood what he meant at the time, but on review, Hasselbeck has to find the open man.

Broncos are set in a 3-4 with ten men within 10 yards of the line and a single high safety.

Deion Branch is single wide left. Branch motions tight before the snap. Williams is on the right, tight. The Seahawks are in "I" formation and fake play action. It works, wonderfully, beautifully well. Hasselbeck takes the ball, motions to Force and plants. Meanwhile, Branch has cut behind the line and Goodman is lost watching him. Carlson streaks past on a flag or corner route. Hasselbeck plants, passes and misses long.

Johnston says that Carlson needs to see that the window is to the inside. This is untrue. Carlson is wide open. Goodman is trailing. Carlson can run in or out and have an equal chance to catch the pass, but he is running an out breaking route. Even so, he looks over his right shoulder and reaches for the pass, but it's not there. No defender in sight, the single deep safety probably busy covering Williams on the right, this is a home run turned whiff.