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From Start to Interception, Part 2

I probably should have used this picture for the last post.
I probably should have used this picture for the last post.

(In which Seattle orchestrates a series of fine looking runs)

2-10-SEA 35 (13:49) 20-J.Forsett up the middle to SEA 38 for 3 yards (57-M.Haggan)

From Polumbus to Locklear, the line surges left. Lots of push, but insufficient backside contain. John Carlson can not stop Jason Hunter. Sean Locklear adjusts but not enough to block out Mario Haggans. Both players close and wrap Forsett before he can exit the hole. But there is a hole! And that is a welcome change.

3-7-SEA 38 (13:13) (Shotgun) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass deep right to 11-D.Butler to DEN 42 for 20 yards (33-N.Jones).

Broncos align in a 2-3 and rush three. Which, you might be surprised to read, generates pressure. Jarvis Moss works Tyler Polumbus and just about slaughters Matt Hasselbeck, but Matt is cool in the pocket. He finds Deon Butler streaking up the left sideline, single covered by Parrish Cox. Butler turns, high-points and though hardly a pure hands catch, secures the reception. Nate Jones closes and Cox and Jones bunch Butler up like an accordion against the turf.

Any reception you can walk away from ...

Great effort by Butler.

1-10-DEN 42 (12:33) 20-J.Forsett right guard to DEN 28 for 14 yards (52-J.Hunter).

Exceptional play design, good blocking, great running, 14 yards does not do this play justice.

Golden Tate motions in tight-left before the snap.


The Seahawks line surges left except for Locklear. Locklear cuts the crap out of Justin Bannan. Left outside linebacker Jason Hunter overpursues around right end. Tate continues right and his motion draws inside linebacker D.J. Williams. Jamal Williams is torn out from center hard to his right. Between the cut block, the motion and the surge, a huge hole develops. Forsett screams into it.

Spencer tries to disengage from Williams, but Williams holds Spencer and Spencer is caught spinning around instead of pulling into the second level and blocking for Forsett. This sucks. This is where things begin to break down. Haggan attempts to tackle Forsett but Force pulls through the ankle tackle. Renaldo Hill and Brian Dawkins close and jointly shoulder smash Forsett. He lowers his pads, powers into and through the tackle(s). Forsett continues up field, but he's lost too much speed and time and is tackled from behind after 14.

Awesome though. Team awesome.

1-10-DEN 28 (11:54) 20-J.Forsett left guard to DEN 24 for 4 yards (55-D.Williams).

Inside zone right. Lock controls the right end. Polumbus cuts Ryan McBean. Hamitlon and Spencer surge. Stacy Andrews pulls forward and locks down Haggan. Boy does Andrews look better than Unger. McBean picks himself up and pursues Forsett. Hamilton disengages and pancakes McBean, making it two trips to the turf in one play.

Oh, and Forsett runs. Briefly.

2-6-DEN 24 (11:17) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short right to 89-J.Carlson to DEN 16 for 8 yards (20-B.Dawkins).

John Carlson is split wide right. Hasselbeck drops, finds Carlson single-covered by Dawkins, tosses, Carlson receives and powers through Dawkins for an additional two and the first. That's targeting a weakness.