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Defending the Very Short Field

1-10-SEA 13 (5:04) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short middle to 27-K.Moreno to SEA 8 for 5 yards (51-L.Tatupu, 57-D.Hawthorne).

Three seconds into the play, a relative eternity in the red zone, Kyle Orton sidesteps tepid pressure created by Raheem Brock and Red Bryant, and finds Knowshon Moreno wide open. Moreno receives before being tackled by Lofa Tatupu and David Hawthorne.

Zone defense everybody.

2-5-SEA 8 (4:17) (Shotgun) PENALTY on DEN-8-K.Orton, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at SEA 8 - No Play.

2-10-SEA 13 (3:59) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short left to 84-B.Lloyd.

Seahawks rush five ... or four. Junior Siavii stumbles out of the blocks and falls to the turf. Seahawks rush four, send six into coverage. Orton cocks and fires and throws it well behind Brandon Lloyd. It's possible that Kentwan Balmer tipped the pass.

3-10-SEA 13 (3:55) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short middle to 19-E.Royal for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN. WATCH HIGHLIGHT

Seahawks line up with four down lineman, but drop Brock into a hook zone over the middle. Seattle has eight defenders in coverage. Eddie Royal runs right and behind Roy Lewis then angles back in and flashes free behind Lewis, above Brock, to the left of Babineaux and in front of Tatupu. He catches and rolls in for the score.

Zone defense everybody!