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A Break From the Ordinary for Something Cool: Inside Hand Off to Justin Forsett

The hard, empty stare of Benjamin "Ben" Thomas "Ham Fighter" Hamilton.
The hard, empty stare of Benjamin "Ben" Thomas "Ham Fighter" Hamilton.

Have I mentioned that I love the inside hand off?

3-3-SEA 27 (9:03) (Shotgun) 20-J.Forsett up the middle to SEA 46 for 19 yards (23-R.Hill, 24-C.Bailey). WATCH HIGHLIGHT

I don't have my software or templates uploaded on this computer, so here's a very crude diagram.


Damn that thing's ugly. It's like Paint humped the Elephant Man.

Well anyway, the play is pretty rockin. It's a showcase play for Chris Spencer, who, for the first time in his career, seems all grown up, trusted, a name, a face, a leader on this line. Watch, next week he'll be benched for Ben Hamilton.

Step 1: The Fake

Spencer strikes Marcus Thomas head on. Tyler Polumbus and Sean Locklear angle right Robert Ayers and Justin Bannan, respectively. Ben Hamilton pulls and moves towards the right "A" gap. Stacy Andrews pulls hard left.

Step 2: The Bitch Slap

Spencer reach blocks Thomas and staggers him enough for Andrews to arrive from the right and complete the pin. Spencer then pulls and doubles Ayers. Jarvis Moss is caught chasing, and is lost behind the Polumbus-Spencer wall. Hamilton runs through the right "A" gap and blocks out inside linebacker D.J. Williams

Step 3: The Run

Justin Forsett starts on Hasselbeck's left, runs right, takes the hand off and sprints through the right "A" gap. That gaps gettin trained. Force breaks a Bannan arm tackle and runs left around Hamilton and into the third level.

Forsett is tackled after 19, but from a pure scheme and execution standpoint, this was a touchdown.