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Notes from 19% to 4%

Death jumps the pile.
Death jumps the pile.

Seattle peaked at 19% win probability in the second half. That occurred after Seattle scored to pull within ten and before Marcus Trufant's pass interference penalty extended the Broncos second drive.

  • The second half started with a big break for Seattle. Perrish Cox returned an Olindo Mare kickoff from six yards in the end zone to the Denver five.
  • The breaks continued as Spencer Larsen, not down, was ruled down on a tackle attempt by Kelly Jennings in the left flat.
  • Brandon Lloyd negotiated the zone and burned Marcus Trufant to earn Denver the first down. Six Seahawks were in vicinity to tackle, which tells you a bit about zone defense.
  • The Broncos first series went down in flames on a phantom sack, started by pressure from Raheem Brock, furthered by a stunt from Colin Cole that Kyle Orton weaved away from, and ended by Lofa Tatupu who threatened sack and inspired Orton to belly flop towards the turf. Give Tatupu the sack, and everyone thinks he had a better game.

Golden Tate rumbles, bumbles and stumbles for 63. Seahawks take the ball.

  • Two attempts at a stretch right put Seattle in third and eight.
  • Matt Hasselbeck finds Deion Branch curling under Nate Jones and the two connect for nine and the first.
  • Mario Haggan grabs John Carlson's arm and causes him to stumble to the turf attempting an out. The penalty, and it's undeniably a penalty, is uncalled and the pass falls incomplete.
  • Then, as quickly as it starts, Ben Obomanu roasts Champ Bailey
  • I repeat
  • Ben Obomanu roasts Champ Bailey. Hasselbeck finds him flashing free on a post and the two connect for the touchdown. It's all quickness, break, body shield, flip the hips, hands up, spit on your Pro Bowls, receive and in for the score.

Broncos put the game away.

  • Things start promisingly enough. The Seahawks contain one run and stuff another, forcing third and seven.
  • Broncos break with three wide on the right. This formation seemed to give Seattle fits. The Seahawks counter with a five-man blitz from an unorthodox 3-2. Seattle's three down linemen are Chris Clemons, Raheem Brock and Aaron Curry. No one Seahawk flies free, but the blitz does generate interior pressure and pressure around the ends. Orton is harried. He throws quickly, and without planting and setting, and he throws wide.
  • Tatupu contributes to the incomplete pass. He reads the quarterback's eyes and closes on Lloyd's throwing lane. That forces Orton to throw behind Lloyd and incomplete.
  • Trufant runs into Lloyd and hooks him, and the play is penalized as pass interference. This really, really sucks.
  • One play later, Cole and Tatupu nearly blow up a screen, but it's the Seahawks defense that's detonated.
  • There isn't much to say about this particular tomfoolery, Thomas keeps in front of the play and caps it. The Seahawks are completely out of position to stop it. It sucks, but worst of all, it almost doesn't suck. It almost rocks like Queensrÿche at the Showbox. All that's missing is one tiny little thing, and that's the proper angle by Colin Cole.
  • Moreno has a two way go. Tatupu attacks from the offensive right and nearly tackles. In theory, his assault should at least allow Cole to contain and slow or stop the play. Instead, Cole breaks down to tackle, but loses contain, and with two players tackling and neither keeping the player in front of them, Moreno escapes Tatupu and runs around Cole and onward, with blockers and a trail of fallen Seahawks.
  • Daniel Graham burns Jordan Babineaux.
  • Two plays, Brandon Mebane knifes through a double team and forces Moreno wide and into David Hawthorne/defenders. Hawthorne stands up Moreno on the second attempt, saving a touchdown by centimeters.
  • On the third play, Mebane falls, Moreno leaps and Denver stakes a 17 point lead late in the third.