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Open Roster Moves, Trades, Speculation, Links, News and Everything Else Thread

It's open.

I'm out all day. Bad timing? Perhaps, but Pavement didn't consult me when to reunite and play Portland. And short of Neutral Milk Hotel (me) or the Promise Ring (my wife) this is the reunion my wife and I have waited a significant portion of our life for.

So, before we head out to Edgefield, here's a short and stream of consciousness list of things that might happen today.

Seattle will trade T.J. Houshmandzadeh but for somewhat minimal compensation.

Seattle will trade for Vincent Jackson. Seattle has searched long and hard for a receiver, so if one is heading out, one is presumably coming in.

Seattle will potentially move young talent to acquire the picks necessary to trade for Jackson.

I do not even want to be here if one of the players traded is Brandon Mebane. Mebane, of course, is also ending a four-year rookie contract. He is one of the few Seahawks Seattle could trade for picks. Seattle is crowded at defensive tackle and no one will offer picks for Craig Terrill, Quinn Pitcock, Kevin Vickerson, Colin Cole, Kentwan Balmer or Amon Gordon.

Please do not trade Brandon Mebane, John Schneider.

Please do not trade Brandon Mebane, Pete Carroll.

Other players Seattle could move: Chris Spencer, Max Unger, Deon Butler, David Hawthorne, Justin Forsett and Ben Obomanu. Those players have value and Seattle has someone on roster they could replace them with.

Now that a lot of false anticipation has been built up, today will be comparably quiet. Please.