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Cutting Down to 53

We'll keep this post updated with the latest roster cuts today. A final 53-man roster should materialize in the coming 6 hours. Will we see any surprising moves? Can you still call it surprise moves when that's really all your front office does?

Nick Reed went earlier today, and angels weep in his wake.

Schefter reports Losman has been cut, and doesn't expect us to add a third QB. Others report active interest in veteran QB Patrick Ramsey.

10:59 PST: Jay Glazer reports WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh has been cut.

12:27 PST: Danny O'Neil reports S Jamar Adams has been cut.

4:19 PST: Danny O'Neil believes we're keeping both LB Matt McCoy and S Kevin Ellison.

EDIT: confirmation has come that both Matt McCoy and Kevin Ellison made the roster.