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How Many Former Seahawks Are Better Off without Seattle?

I can not remember an off-season in recent memory where Seattle has dropped so many players that signed with and became starters or major contributors on other teams. Perhaps the first big Holmgren purge in which Seattle moved Ahman Green, Pete Kendall, Joey Galloway and Sam Adams. That was spread over a couple years. This off-season is unprecedented in Seahawks history.

Housh has landed in Baltimore and he, Pistol and Redding are sure to have some stories to tell in the locker room. Ditto, Sims and Burly. Tapp can talk with Weaver while each ignore the press. Wallace is back with Papa Walrus and Grant is on his lonesome. That's a lot of still relevant talent to lose.

We tend to put our blinders on here and see the world exclusively in Silver and Blue, but with many once liked and a couple once loved Seahawks now playing for other teams, I can't help but wonder how many are better off now that they are away from Seattle. Maybe John Schneider is an unabashed altruist that just wants the best for all of his employees, future and former.

Rob Sims: Sims was a starter last year but his position was in doubt under Alex Gibbs. Had he survived the whirlwind of moves, maybe he would be a starter again, since Gibbs is now gone. Sims has started all four games for the Lions this preseason. He is signed to a one year contract and has yet to lock up an extension, but instead of bubbling discontent, Sims seems welcomed in Detroit. He is blocking in a younger, more talented offense and for a quarterback that actually bears some burden for his pass protection, and for a coach that is actually willing to pin some pass protection responsibility on the quarterback. After becoming the scapegoat for both Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck, that must feel good for Sims. A win for Sims.

Darryl Tapp: I never did see Tapp play too terribly much this preseason, but it would seem every Eagles beat reporter to a man can not find enough time in the day to criticize Tapp and speculate about his impending release. Well, he's on the 53 for now. Lo and behold, he is the listed starter at right defensive end. (That's likely a mistake.)

There is no telling how a player develops and maybe Tapp maxed out and is facing an early decline. He never was much of a tools goof. Still, I can not reconcile years of watching every play involving Tapp, watching him quietly excel, with the notion that after a single off-season and preseason he would be busted, for no apparent reason. The Eagles have all of six sacks this entire preseason, and only one by a starter, linebacker Akeem Jordan. This is a widely overhyped incomplete. Let the man play.

Deon Grant: Grant started all four preseason games for the Giants. According to the depth chart, he is behind Kenny Phillips for the starting strong safety position, but Phillips is recovering from microfracture knee surgery and the Giants are slowly working him back towards starting. His youth might save him, but microfracture is a hell of a procedure to recover from and the timetable is typically two years. Grant is valued depth on a team that needs safety depth, but many different circumstances could allow him to start. He certainly isn't better off unless he relishes smaller wages and being a backup, or just really enjoys New York.

Josh Wilson: Wilson is expected to start over the still healing and unfortunately named Lardarius Webb this Monday. He is pegged to play nickel, but word is he could earn a starting spot over Webb. That puts Wilson in the same predicament he has spent his career in. The Ravens are a much better team, and particularly a much better defense, and so Wilson should have a better opportunity to contribute. As of now, it's basically a push. Wilson has moved from being an overqualified nickel in Seattle to an overqualified nickel in Baltimore.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: He's still getting paid. He will still demand targets. Life is probably pretty peachy in Taraj's world. This is a push.

Seneca Wallace: Still sucks.

Cory Redding: Redding appears to be the starting defensive end for a Ravens defense that lists one end, one tackle, one nose, one "RUSH", one WILL, one MIKE and one SAM. Yay for specialization. Better defense, better overall team, better scheme that does not rely on Redding to generate consistent pressure, and, as always, getting lots of good press, Redding is clearly better off without Seattle.

Nate Burleson: Burly had a breakout year a year removed from reconstructive knee surgery. To me, that is a very good sign from a talented receiver that never quite put it all together. Burleson became the very first player signed in free agency. His contract could earn Seattle a fourth-round pick through compensation. That's good, and so Seattle certainly is happy about that, and Burleson is probably pretty dang happy to be in Detroit too. After being the de facto number one in Seattle, Burleson is starting in Detroit but opposite freak of nature Calvin Johnson. It's been a good preseason for Burly and I'm sure he has no regrets.