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What Field Gulls Is

Field Gulls is not a blog and it's not a news site. Field Gulls is a community and I am just one of its members. Years ago, when Shrug was the editor, I was someone that read and occasionally commented and eventually earned front page privileges by writing what were then called "diaries" and are now called "fanposts." That's pretty much how it works here. We are all judged by what we contribute.

Everyone that visits Field Gulls can improve the community or harm it, and that, if I could enforce a standard so subjective, is the ultimate judge of a commenter. People can come here and be funny, insightful, welcoming or they can come here and be a jerk. It's not fair that one person decides all that, and so we have community created rules and standards. It's simple stuff, most of it should be obvious, and most of the more subjective stuff, like use of chat language, is classified under etiquette and judged case by case.

There is not much more to it. We're not all Seahawks fans, but most of us are. We're all pretty hopelessly interested in the Seahawks in one way or another if we're spending our free time on a community site. Some of us are older and have been through long, hard years and some of us are younger and do not remember much past when the winning started in the mid-2000s. But there isn't a hierarchy here, or seniority, and everyone is as good as what they contribute. We all just do our best and know that whatever time we put into this site, a good community will repay it a thousand times over.