49ers-Seahawks: Niners Nation speaks

Hey everybody...This is Fooch from Niners Nation. Over the last couple years our sites have certainly had their fair share of interesting discussions and general trash talking in regards to our two annual matchups. The 49ers and Seahawks have developed an interesting little rivalry and I think we all enjoy it.

Now that the 2010 season is upon us, I wanted to open up a FanShot for some discussion of the game. This thread is more for the intelligent discourse as opposed to the always entertaining trash talk threads. Since the season is just getting started, both teams have plenty of issues of which opposing fans may not be entirely aware. Given that, I wanted to open the floor to any questions you all might have about the 2010 San Francisco 49ers. It's been a rather busy offseason for the 49ers with a mix of changes and continuity.

The 49ers have become a popular pick to win the division, but they still have plenty of issues to be resolved. The QB position is set at this point, although that doesn't necessarily mean it is solidly set. Alex Smith is in the final year of his contract and still has plenty to prove. The 49ers overhauled their offensive line this offseason with a pair of first round picks. Additionally, starting center Eric Heitmann is out with a broken leg for a few more weeks, and so the team has former second round pick David Baas moving over to center for the first time since college. He's performed well, but this first game at your incredibly loud stadium will be a big test for the entire offensive line.

The defense has some question marks as well but is arguably in a much stronger position and will be key to the 49ers chances of winning the division.

On an unrelated note, I'll actually be up in Seattle for the game, so I'm excited for my first game at Qwest Field in what should be a crazy environment.