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St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks Game Thread 2

The Seahawks defense looks fresh. It could be home field, it could be Carroll's anti-Tiger Mt. conditioning program, and it could be that though the Seahawks offense has only contributed one touchdown, it has controlled 15:37 of game clock. Maybe that's just enough, for tonight.

The Seahawks need more, much more, to make a win matter. Charlie Whitehurst has shown mobility and the deep ball, but he isn't Jake Locker and he's not going to scramble the Seahawks to glory. If the run game can not work through Marshawn Lynch, Seattle needs to stop feeding Marshawn Lynch. If the run game can not work at all, Jeremy Bates needs to work in more short patterns. Justin Forsett and Leon Washington have been effective underneath. A Washington double move deep might be too clever by half, by it also might be a thing of beauty.

I'm so amped I'm struggling to type.

Finish this, Seahawks.