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Seahawks Sign Caz Piurowski

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Hat tip to Kevaru for the link.

In an attempt to be more comprehensive, I am going to start covering some of these minor transactions. Sometimes though, as in the case of Caz, I don't have any tape to source to do a legitimate profile. So instead here's an overview.

Name: Caz Piurowski

Age: 23

Position: Blocking tight end (signed to play tackle)

General: Caz is a huge tight end in the Matt Spaeth mold. Had Piurowski (pronounced: pure-owski) finished his senior season, his career might have developed like Spaeth's. Instead Piurowski suffered a torn ACL and MCL October 10, 2009. He filed for a medical hardship so that he could return to Florida State for the 2010 season, but it wasn't granted. So he slipped through the cracks.

Piurowski like most tight ends is relatively lean, but he has broad shoulders and wide hips and looks like he could fill out. How much, that's hard to know. He's also long-legged and doesn't look like someone that could anchor. He looks a bit like former Trojan Charles Brown. Caz could get bigger, but even at his heaviest, he is likely to struggle with 3-4 ends.

I do not think Seattle is signing Piurowski thinking he will one day start at tackle. At least, not ideally. Instead, I think Piurowski is interesting as an overall talent, could work on special teams, and could continue the legacy of Khalif Barnes. Tom Cable worked Barnes as an additional blocker in six man lines. The wrinkle was that Barnes could also release into a pattern. He caught one pass against the Seahawks for six yards, and one pass against the Chiefs for a touchdown. Barnes is pretty athletic for a 330 pound offensive linemen, but it's still a rough fit. An interesting idea tested with the best available talent that, and I am guessing here, Cable may be interested in pursuing further.