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Senior Bowl / Open Draft Thread

I am very interested in how Jake Locker performs through the pre-draft process, and that interest makes up . . . less than one percent of my interest in this coming draft. If in a couple months it seems probable that Locker will be available at 25 or thereabouts, I will do some play by play. That's sure to be divisive. Until, how about those glaring holes in the front seven, secondary and offensive line?

So let's start with a wide receiver:

Sayre Bedinger rumors that Seattle is interested in North Carolina receiver Dwayne Harris. Here's a link to a highlight video, because who couldn't use 2:20 of Hey Ya!

My five cent analysis: looks a little Dexter McClusterish to me. Shifty, coordinated as hell, fun to watch in space and (at least in the video) existing through broken tackles and run after catch. Not sure he's quick enough to pull that off at the next level.

Not Senior Bowl related, but Justin Houston looks like one of the more pure Leos* I've seen in this draft class. This video starts with a straight edge rush and continues from there. His closing burst looks a little lacking, but his quickness off the snap and flexibility as an edge rusher make Houston at least interesting. He could join Clemons for an all-Bulldog Leo rotation.

*as defined by Clemons and Brock.

If Seattle's entertaining a second round-ish defensive end prospect, and it's not but I am hypothesizing here, it could draft someone like Colorado corner Jimmy Smith at 25. I haven't watched much of Smith, but from a quick glance of his tools--frame, quickness, length and motor--he sure looks the part of a top-tier corner in the NFL. Not sure about the kid's eye for the ball. Hard to tell when teams refuse to throw towards him.

Anyway, have at it.