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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Saturday

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Happy Saturday y'all.

The Brewery | Seattle Times Newspaper
Well, Aaron Curry is officially an ex-Seahawk now, and his departure leaves two questions dangling in the air. 1. What player will unite the fan base in anger and ridicule now? 2. How could this mistake have been avoided?

Revised Aaron Curry contract helped get deal done | ProFootballTalk - As the Raiders reportedly embark on a search for a General Manager, they should seriously consider the possibility that first-year coach Hue Jackson is perfectly capable of running the show.

Matt Barkley (QB, USC) vs California game tape " Seahawks Draft Blog - The video below contains every passing attempt by Matt Barkley in last night’s 30-9 victory over California. Game tape supplied by JMPasq.

Curry to start for Raiders on Sunday - Seahawks News - - Three days ago Aaron Curry was a backup strongside linebacker in Seattle. Now he's preparing to start at the weak side for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

NFP Friday Forecast | National Football Post - Take a look at how your team stacks up against this week's competition.

Three to Focus on - 49ers @ Lions | - Here are three things to focus on for this captivating matchup.

Three to Focus on - Rams @ Packers | - The Green Bay Packers haven’t lost a meaningful game since last December, which coincidently is the last time that the St. Louis Rams have won a meaningful game. This week’s game is in Green Bay and the Packers are favored to win by more than two touchdowns, so it would be an incredibly tough sell to try convincing someone that St. Louis will win this one. . With that being said, there are some matchups that the Rams have an advantage in. Therefore, if they do end up winning or keeping this game close, here is exactly how they would go about doing it.

Five Analysts, Five Questions - Week 5 | - Week 5 is in the books and after an exceptionally long meeting, our analysts feel prepared to provide us with their answers to our five questions of the week.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under Pressure: By the Seconds - For years we've heard announcers talk about a quarterback's internal clock: the thing that tells him when he should check down to another receiver, and when he has to get rid of the ball right now.

Week 6 N.F.L. Matchups: Surprising Contenders That Don't Surprise - - As surprise contenders go, the Lions are hardly surprising.

The NFL’s Week 6 Fight Card - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - The Fight Card organizes this week's NFL matchups as if they were a night at the fights, with prelim matches, the mid-card, the upper-card, and the main event. Also included for handy reference are game times, networks, commentary teams and "Vegas expectations," we'll call them. Thanks to The 506 for the broadcast info and BetUS for the numbers.

Combining quick passes, run plays and screens in the same play | Smart Football - Given that humans lack clairvoyance, there is no such thing as the perfect play-caller and thus much of the development in football strategy has centered on how to get into (or out of) a given play because the defense is well suited to defend the one that was called. Indeed, quarterbacks have called audibles at the line of scrimmage for decades, and a few years ago the hot idea was calling multiple plays in the huddle.

Quadruple option: Zone read with multiple pass options | Smart Football - Awhile back I talked about the potential for a "quadruple option," where a zone-read or other spread option run was married with a two man pass concept. The idea was essentially an extension of the traditional base run packaged with a bootleg pass, just combined into one play.