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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Thursday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs.

Quarterback Techniques Part II (Not Safe for Work) " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Warning: This blog post isn’t for the corporate mindset. It’s safe to read at work except for the first link you come across. However, if you’re the kind of idiot (and I use the term affectionately – we all act like idiots from time to time. It’s part of the human condition) that feels the need to share everything with co-workers because you think you know their sense of humor better than you actually do, then it’s not safe for work. In fact, if you’re that kind of idiot don’t read this post until you get home. news: Raiders didn't pay too steep of price if Palmer pans out
The Luck factor Hate to rain on everyone's "Suck for Luck" parade, but there is an under-the-radar storyline regarding the heralded Stanford quarterback that will soon be out there. If Luck wasn't involved ... Picking the best college QB isn't a tough task, but after Andrew Luck the picture isn't as clear. Bucky Brooks examines who is next. More ... Think all your team has to do is finish 1-15 to get Andrew Luck? It might not be that easy. The presence of Luck's father, Oliver, is something league executives will be watching closely as we get closer to April. This well could be Eli Manning in 2004, or John Elway in 1983, if the Stanford quarterback's camp doesn't like the situation the highest picking team presents. "Absolutely. I've heard that for the last two years," said one college scout, who's on the road and paid to ferret this stuff out. "There's no question that it could be a Manning thing all over again."

Keith Price and the ideal point guard quarterback " Seahawks Draft Blog
I’ll be honest.  I don’t know when exactly it was, but at some point last offseason I heard the phrase "point guard quarterback" for the very first time.  Its human nature to react negatively to things we don’t understand, and so like many others, my disposition towards the idea began at a low point.  Using a basketball position to describe a quarterback?  What kind of nonsense is that?

2012 NFL Draft: QB Ryan Tannehill impresses in senior year - NFL - Sporting News
At the beginning of each football season, NFL teams have initial player grades based on their scouts evaluating big college programs over the summer and the National or BLESTO evaluations. Now that we are well into the 2011 college season with scouts roaming the country, those grades are starting to change. Here is a breakdown of players whose performance has helped their draft stock and two who haven't played as well as expected.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Walkthrough: Unfocused
Ah, those hallowed, storied epicenters of the football universe. Lambeau Field. Canton, Ohio. South Bend, Indiana. The Sportsplex in Virginia Beach.

Tanier: Sparano just latest example of overmatched head coach - NFL- NBC Sports
Many assistants lack communication skills, management abilities and non-football smarts

All-Had a Bad Day Team, Week 6 |
Running Back: Montario Hardesty, Cleveland Browns (-4.0) These past two weeks Hardesty seems to be doing his best to make Peyton Hillis seem more valuable to the Browns organization.

Who on the Browns should scare us?
Take an above average NFL fan. This is someone who watches nearly all their teams games, might watch another game or two a week, follows their teams online, has a fantasy team or two, and all in all has a pretty good handle on the league as a whole. Then ask them if they could name 10 players on the Cleveland Browns. I would guess not. The Seahawks (and other teams like the Jaguars, Titans,  Rams, Chiefs, Bills, etc.) might fall into this same category for the normal NFL fan but we won’t talk about that right now.

The Mike Holmgren Seattle Seahawks Era - Great Trades, Roster moves, Seahawks vs. Browns week 7
Whether the GM or just the Head Coach, you know Mike Holmgren for better or for worse had a say in just about everything that went down in his time in Seattle.  He cleaned house and changed the way the Seahawks do business.  On top of that, he showed Seattle what a winning football team looked like and left the blueprints to build on.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Defend My Honor, Seahawks!
Let me say this up front: I LIKE Ohio. I came out here for graduate school over a decade ago, and I've settled here permanently. The people here are generally warm and friendly, and Columbus in particular is an awesome, fun, underrated city. Ohio has produced awesome bands like Guided By Voices, Devo and Afghan Whigs, American heroes like John Glenn & Neil Armstrong, and many bearded US Presidents. Our NHL team isn't very good, but at least they celebrate Ohio's proud Civil War history (from the side that wasn't, you know, fighting for treason and slavery).

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: To Suck, Or Not To Suck Part II: Where All-Pro Players Are Drafted
To Suck, Or Not To Suck is a series exploring whether franchises have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl by suffering through some terrible seasons to get higher draft choices, or whether winning begets more winning. Each article will look at this question from a different angle. All will be based on quantifiable data. Varying interpretations and debate are highly encouraged!

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Scouting The Cleveland Browns
Here are a few things I noticed when scouting the Browns:

Draft Breakdown — Mohamed Sanu vs Navy 2011
…where it's always draft season.

10/19: All signs point to Charlie Whitehurst starting - Blog -
With Tarvaris Jackson still not at full health with his pectoral injury, Brock and Salk both think Charlie Whitehurst will -- and should -- start Sunday's Week 7 matchup with the Browns in Cleveland.

From the other sideline: Browns could use redemption against Seahawks, who kept coach Pat Shurmur out of playoffs last year - Sports - Ohio
Eric D. Williams covers the Seahawks for the News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash. He discussed the Seahawks and their upcoming game against the Browns in the following question-and-answer session:

Shurmur on Hawks: "There’s no mystery that they are playing well." | Seahawks Insider
"They are playing very well against the run," Shurmur said about Seattle’s defense. "And I think they’ve got a good scheme, and they’re very talented. They’ve improve in spots roster-wise, and there’s no mystery that they are playing well, because they’re good players.

Holmgren on KJR: "I’m not going to coach anymore." | Seahawks Insider
On the type of team Seattle will face on Sunday: "You’ll watch us play, and we’re a young football team. You combine the youth that we have on the team really and a new coach, and at times we kind of look young out there. And then at other times we execute very well. I think we play pretty good defense. Dick Jouron, who is the defensive coordinator. … is doing a heck of a job. … Offensively we’re inconsistent. And that comes with having a young quarterback and young receivers and rookies starting at left guard and all of those things. But when we can eliminate our own mistakes, we’re not bad."

Seahawks played it smart with Palmer | - Sports
So Carson Palmer was available after all. And as we've all seen in the first third of the season, Matt Hasselbeck is anything but over the hill. But does that mean the Seahawks made the wrong decision at quarterback this year? Hardly.

Jim Harbaugh: Everything but the handshake - Seahawks News -
I played in the NFL at the same time as Jim Harbaugh, although his career both preceded and surpassed mine. The first time I actually met him was in February of 2007 at a get-together for Seattle area Stanford alums. Blog | Tuesday in Hawkville "
FOCUS ON Tarvaris Jackson. His teammates marveled at Jackson’s toughness as the quarterback somehow managed to get up and get back to the huddle after some of the 14 sacks and 20 hits he absorbed in the first 2½ games. Now, it’s Jackson’s rapid recovery prowess that’s on display.

Stepping in, stepping up
Marcus Trufant won't play again for the Seahawks this season, but the knowledge he has shared – and will continue to share – is going to be evident in Walter Thurmond's play as his replacement. Blog | Up next: Cleveland Browns "
Star power: Phil Taylor. The best part of the Browns’ team is its seventh-ranked defense, and the 335-pound defensive tackle is their best player. This year’s first-round draft choice, Taylor is averaging 4.6 tackles per game, which ranks third among the D-linemen in the league behind two defensive ends the Seahawks already have faced – the CardinalsCalais Campbell (5.8) and the GiantsJason Pierre-Paul (5.0). As active as he is young, Taylor also has two sacks. As Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. puts it: "Instead of a big, powerful guy and an up-field 3-technique, they instead want two nose tackle-type players to just totally own the middle of the line of scrimmage. They compromise interior pass rush with their philosophy, but they put a ton of beef at defensive tackle. This allows the linebackers – particularly the middle linebacker – to run much more freely and it also tempts the offense to run on the perimeter instead of up the middle."

Protégé’s time to take over for Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
The student replaces his mentor this weekend as second-year cornerback Walter Thurmond is slated to get his second consecutive start with veteran Marcus Trufant on the season-ending injured reserve with a back injury.

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks prepare QB Charlie Whitehurst to start | Seattle Times Newspaper
Tarvaris Jackson was on the practice field Wednesday, but it was backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst the Seahawks were preparing to start Sunday in Cleveland. "We've got to get Charlie ready to play," coach Pete Carroll said.

My top five running back prospects | National Football Post
A mid-season look at the nation’s top five running back prospects in my eyes…