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Game Ball of the Week: The Heater

I like David Hawthorne for a variety of reasons. First, he has a cool nickname that can mean either a cigarette or a gun and who doesn't love smoking cigarettes and cleaning their guns? You have to be careful when typing about David Hawthorne because "Heater" can quite easily and accidentally become "Heather", which makes his badass nickname not a very badass nickname. You gotta be careful about that, you could get your ass kicked saying something like that. 

Second, and probably more on topic, he's a good football player for the team that I am obsessed with. And he had a very good game on Sunday against the Browns. Heater had 11 tackles, two for a loss, a quarterback hit, a pass defensed, and an interception. He's the tactical leader of this defense at the middle linebacker spot and was everywhere on the field. 

There were actually a few Seahawks players that I considered awarding the Game Ball. The first obvious choice would be Big Red Bryant. My girlfriend once told me he looks like a Koopa Troopa, which I think is pretty cute and hilarious. Jim Mora Jr said he looks like a frog in his stance, which is also cute and hilarious. I'm sure that Red wouldn't want me referring to anything he does as cute and hilarious so I'll stop now.

Let's be honest though, the dude plays MAD. And that's awesome. 

Bryant had a half-sack, 2 quarterback hits, a pass defensed, and 2 blocked field goals (and probably could have been 3, apparently he whiffed on a third). If Heater the tactical leader of the defense, Red Bryant is the emotional leader. He's their heart. The only reason I couldn't rightfully award him with the world-famous Danny Kelly Gameball is because of his head-butt outburst. I just can't stay mad at you though Red. So mad props for a hell of a game played. 

Finally, Kam Frickin Chancellor. Kam Chancellor had a hell of a game - 8 tackles, a quarterback hit, a sack (that was inexplicably called a roughing the passer penalty then changed to a unnecessary roughness penalty on Walter Thurmond, who wasn't even near the play), and some bone crushing hits, including one on Montario Hardesty where he just picked him and and powerslammed him into the ground. Chancellor seems to get a few of these in every game. 

Anyway, gameball goes to Heater. The rest of the defense really does deserve a piece of this illustrious award though. 

Who gets your gameball? And why?