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Coffee and Cigarettes: College Football Links for Saturday

Switched it up a bit!! Instead of your normal Seahawks links, I'm going to start rounding up some good college football reading for your Saturday morning ritual. Check them out.

Robert Griffin III is intriguing " Seahawks Draft Blog
Yesterday we highlighted Robert Griffin III’s tape against Texas A&M from the weekend. Overall I found it to be an impressive performance, strangely more impressive than Griffin’s highlight reel display against TCU in week one. The game with the Horned Frogs was a bit of a freak show – repetitive long bombs that made for great viewing but provided more questions than answers. Was this something the Bears had worked on during a long off-season to surprise TCU given Baylor’s strict screen game? Was it just a rank bad performance by a secondary that had previously impressed? Was it a one-off spectacular?

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | SDA: Rebound Saturday
Last week we predicted a possible upset Saturday and lo and behold we got a few of the undefeated behemoths to fall. This week, we'll have our eyes on Oklahoma and Wisconsin again to see how they respond in what might be challenging bounceback games. Both teams can still be in the mix for conference championships, and if the chips fall the right way, the national title isn't out of the picture either. Will they easily shake off the disappointment or might they struggle again?

Glaring NFL Team Needs - Mocking The Draft
We are inching closer to the midway point of the season and there are only three teams left without a win. Since we are starting back from the top, that seems like a good place to begin. In a "if the draft started today" scenario we would be looking at the Colts, Dolphins, and Rams.

2012 NFL Draft stock up spotlight - Mocking The Draft
Throughout the season we'll take a look at some players who helped their 2012 NFL Draft stock with great performances in the previous week's games. This week there were five players who really helped themselves.

Brock Osweiler NFL Draft prospect notes - Mocking The Draft - Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler has played himself into the first-round discussion with his play as a junior. He's picked apart the Southern California and Missouri defenses and looked good against Utah.

NFL Draft - 2011 Risers and Fallers - - - Quarterback Andrew Luck continued his march toward the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, but he's had some help in keeping Stanford in elite company without coach Jim Harbaugh around. His offensive line includes two likely first-round picks, and guard David CeCastro had a resume-tape kind of game against Washington last week. Who else elevated their draft stock last week? Check out this week's Risers and Fallers.

My top five junior prospects | National Football Post
Offensive prospects own four of the top five spots.

2012 NFL Draft player comparisons: Mohamed Sanu and Quinton Coples - Mocking The Draft - Player: Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers Comparison: Hakeem Nicks, WR, New York Giants

NFL scouts adapt as college landscape continues to change - NFL - - - The NFL stays above the fray as its virtual minor league system struggles through the dramatics of conference realignment, but history has proven changes in the college football landscape have eventually affected the way NFL teams scout their prospects. The proliferation of spread offenses at the college level has undoubtedly changed the way scouts evaluate players -- and spread concepts have infiltrated the league's offensive (and therefore defensive) schemes. The reduction of scholarships allowed per school to 85, as well as the increased amount of television coverage, has driven talent to smaller programs, both within the Football Bowl Subdivision and outside of it, forcing teams to sift for talent at all collegiate levels. No matter how teams are stacked in conferences, NFL teams will go wherever is necessary to find talent.

Can scouts trust Cliff Harris? - - One day after news that the top-rated senior cornerback prospect in the West had been arrested came news that the top junior cornerback on the west coast also found himself in legal hot water. As first reported by The Oregonian's Aaron Fentress, Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris was cited Monday for multiple driving infractions, including failure to use a seat belt, have a valid driver's license or proof of insurance. The fines were enough to get Harris suspended indefinitely yet again from the Oregon program.

2012 NFL Draft: QBs Wilson, Jones tumble after tough losses - NCAA Football - Sporting News - At the beginning of each football season, NFL teams have initial player grades based on their scouts evaluating big college programs over the summer and the National or BLESTO evaluations. Now that we are well into the 2011 college season with scouts roaming the country, those grades are changing. Here is a breakdown of players whose performance has helped their draft stock and two who haven't played as well as expected.

Small School Scouting Notebook: October 10th | Articles - Our staff and myself will watch as many games at the non-FBS levels as possible each week and give an evaluation away from just stats so you can see exactly what we see each week for some of the top small school prospects.

Small School Scouting Notebook: October 17th | Articles - This week's report features quite a few impressive receivers, such as UMass's Julian Talley and Central Arkansas's Dominique Croom, as well as linebackers, such as Delaware's Andrew Harrison and UMass's Tyler Holmes. At least 10 NFL Draft prospects evaluated this weekend at the small school level, check them out and add them to your players to watch as the NFL Draft nears.

Diamond in the Rough: Rico Wallace, WR, Shenandoah | Articles - When you look at the Shenandoah Hornets football record book, you see a name that pops up everywhere, and is all over the receiving records. That name is Senior Wide Receiver, Rico Wallace. 

Diamond In the Rough: Casey Therriault, QB, Jackson State | Articles - As a JUCO transfer from Grand Rapids Community College Therriault has matured as a Quarterback as well as a human.  Casey has some pretty amazing intangibles.  He is a big QB who has good arm speed and can deliver a pass. If he catches you slipping, he can beat you with his feet. He is a very gifted runner, who has quickness. He is able to see things before they occur but unfortunately, the past still lingers.

So You Wanna Be a Sports Agent…" | Articles - So you want to be a sports agent? You saw Jerry McGuire, just like I did, and got inspired, just like I did, and thought to yourself, I WOULD LOVE to do that; just like I did. And just like a majority of aspiring sports agents out there, reality hits you in the face like a young Mike Tyson not only fighting to defend his title, but after you called him a very bad name right before the fight; Just like it did me.

So, You Wanna Be a Sports Agent..." Part TWO | Articles - Thank you for coming back. I hope Part 1 went into some detail about what it takes, and will take to start your career to becoming an agent. If you truly want to break into the business, here’s my advice.

Small School Scouting Notebook: October 24th | Articles - Another week in the small school notebook, and we'll take a look at the reigning champs of the FCS level in Eastern Washington and how their prospects have fared last weekend against Sacramento State. Also, we'll look at Division II powerhouse Delta State, as well as prospects from Humboldt State and Western Oregon.