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Seahawks v Falcons: What's Being Said

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Here's a collection of quotes and videos following this week's loss to Atlanta.


Tarvaris Jackson: "The thing I'm very happy about is how we were down 24-7 at halftime and guys could have easily given up, but the guys kept lugging and we kept working hard. It just shows the character of our team. Guys could have easily put their heads down and given up.

"But guys kept fighting, so it's good to know we've got a team with a bunch of fighters. I feel like we're coming together more as a team. Not just the offense, but with special teams, offense and defense. That's very encouraging to see that we do have those types of guys on this team that never give up. "So I'm looking forward to the future for this team."

Pete Carroll "If we don’t make the yards, eight yards or whatever it was on fourth down, then the game’s over. We had a shot at 60 and Steven’s got a big leg and he can hit the ball and maybe he hits it on that time. I wanted to give us a chance to win it. If we get the ball knocked down and something doesn’t happen and we come up short on fourth down, then we don’t get a shot to win the game.

"They put us in position to win, and I wanted to give them a chance to win, so that’s what we did."

"We gained more today. I think we grew more today and we know that we can get better. It's about as much as you can take out of a game and get beat."

"I had to tell these guys in the locker room that we found something today that was powerful. The willingness to hang in there when it was 27-7, to come out after we didn't look good in the first half and to hang so tough and to execute so well against such a good football team. The speed we played with, the intensity that we finished with, the execution that we demonstrated when it was tough as it could get was excellent."

Steven Hauschka: "I had to hit it pretty hard to get it there. It was into the wind. It's a long kick, obviously. I just kind of pulled it a little bit. I hit it pretty solid. I don't know if it would have had the distance, but it was obviously left of where I was aiming."

Max Unger: "Man, we just can't start the first half like that. That's pretty much what it comes down to."

"When we play fast, we play better. That's not necessarily the no-huddle. But it's just the quicker that we play as a group the better we play."

Gus Bradley: "They ran away from us in the beginning. The second half, we just told our guys to go play and really left it up to them. And they did a good job. In the second half, we talked about playing tighter coverage and tried to bring some pressure."

Earl Thomas: - "I thought our offense played great. They carried us, especially when we needed them."

Marcus Trufant: - "At the end of the day, you always want to get the W. But man, this just shows the kind of team we have. There's no quit in this team. We're just going to keep fighting to the end."

Sidney Rice: - "I leaned over. It wasn't a sudden jump or anything like that, but it was a call and it hurt us."

Doug Baldwin - "I've heard all my life how I'm too short or not big enough to play this game. It's nothing new. I've got a chip on my shoulder and honestly I've always had it, but I don't think about it in those terms, like I'm trying to be better than this guy or that guy. It just helps keep me focused. Knowing where I've been and how I got here, I guess I don't take anything for granted."

"I'm not one of those typical receivers who's like a robot in the slot or outside. I like to be creative, and the offensive staff allows me to do so. The route may, say, go across the field for 22 yards. I know I have to be there, but how I get there is where they allow me to be creative."


Week 4 - Tarvaris Jackson Postgame Press Conference

Week 4 - Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference

Williams 6-yard TDRice 52-yard TDLynch 11-yard TDObomanu 8-yard TD

Also, via Kid Danger, a couple of vids shot from his perspective at the game yesterday:

Mike Williams TDMarshawn Lynch TD