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Seahawks Game Ball for Week 4: Tarvaris Jackson

QB Tarvaris Jackson gets the game ball for week four after completing 25 out of 38 attempts for 319 yards, 3 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. He led the Seahawks -- that's right, he led them -- on a pretty furious comeback and put his team in a position to possibly win the game. I know that this comeback fell short, but to be in this game with under a minute left and a chance to march down the field and kick the game-winning field goal is an accomplishment in my book. 

Caveats concerning opponent and prior games aside, he looked like the guy that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been talking about these past couple of months. Statistical analysis, -- which he did fairly well in no matter how you look at it --, aside, he looked more confident and poised, spread the ball around to his receivers and running backs, and really only made the one mistake that led to a turnover, throwing a pass into double coverage on Mike Williams that was tipped and intercepted. 

If you look at this week in a vacuum you start to have a little hope for this offense and it's ability to move the ball. Obviously, the offense will have to start faster and continue to give Jackson time to throw, but a precedent was set this week and now we know what he's is capable of. A pretty big monkey was lifted from his back and he'll need to milk a little of this goodwill while he has the chance. The fan mob can turn on you pretty quickly, something I'm sure he's well aware of.