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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

"Look here, seeeee. He can't do that, seeeeee."
"Look here, seeeee. He can't do that, seeeeee."

Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, info, interviews, analysis --  from around the interwebs.

Carroll explains QB decision, Sherman calls out Green - Oct. 31, 2011 | Seattle - Seahawks - TOP STORIES - Seattle's live and local sports station - "He’s probably one of the most overrated receivers out there," Sherman said. "He wasn’t anything special. Dalton is a good quarterback, he makes good decisions, but AJ Green is just a lot of noise talking and bad routes."

No backup plan for QB’s | Razz Report Blog
It is becoming obvious in the NFL who has the best and most forward thinking front offices.

NFL Mid Season all underrated team | Razz Report Blog - IB David Hawthorne, Sea: This 2008 undrafted free agent is the most consistent and productive LB on the Seahawks and was better than former top pick Aaron Curry. Hawthorne was deemed too small, Curry had all the size and speed in the world. One was a player, the other wasn’t. Unreal.

Bill Barnwell looks at the three teams that have the best shot at the Stanford phenom - Grantland - Three teams that have a shot at the no. 1 pick in the NFL draft. What should they do if they get it?

Advanced NFL Stats: "Clutch" Defenses in 2011 - These numbers are through Sunday afternoon of week 8. Keep in mind negative WPA and EPA numbers are good. On this list, a Positive 'clutch' number means the squad has won more than expected--that is, the team has tended to over-perform in high-leverage situations.

Week 8 Judgements: Now we'll see how good Eli really is - NFL - Football - Eli Manning engineers a fourth-quarter comeback against the Dolphins, and the Giants improve to 5-2. Clark Judge wants to see how Manning will fare in the next six weeks against tougher competition before praising him.

Week 8 thoughts, including Rams' first win, questionable officiating - NFL - Football - Week 8 thoughts, including Rams' first win, the Lions' bounce-back effort and some questionable officiating.

What happened in St. Louis? | National Football Post - I need to talk up the Rams really quick here after the 31-21 upset win over the Saints in St. Louis. Here are some quick game notes from earlier today.

After further review: Week 9 | National Football Post - Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from the ninth weekend of the season. And, in case you missed it earlier today, check out the latest edition of the NFP Top 25.

Bengals 34, Seahawks 12 – The Aftermath - Where to start? Do we start with the good or the bad??? OK, let’s get the bad out of the way so we can have some good thoughts moving forward.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Bengals 34, Seahawks 12 - In a game that was far closer than the lopsided final score indicated, the Seahawks blew numerous opportunities to defeat a tough Bengals team at home yesterday. The game displayed all of the important qualities of the Seattle Seahawks right now- Both the good and the bad.

One on One w/ Anthony Hargrove - The Real Robinson Report - YouTube - After the Seahawks exciting win over the New york Giants and arriving back home, Mike Rob sits down with Super Bowl Champ Anthony Hargrove. After a lifetime ...

Loss overshadows career day for Tarvaris Jackson - Daily Links Blog - - There was plenty of sloppy play on offense and a pair of questionable decisions by head coach Pete Carroll.

Seahawks Blog | Take a chance? Pete Carroll will Nike: He'll just do it | Seattle Times Newspaper - Coach Pete Carroll couldn't have been clearer when talking about the decision to put the ball on the ground and effectively eliminate Seattle's ability to kick field goal before halftime.

Seahawks Blog | Three things we learned: Bengals 34, Seahawks 12 | Seattle Times Newspaper - Tarvaris Jackson is Seattle's best quarterback choice. There can be no dispute now, can there? Charlie Whitehurst started the game and the Seahawks failed to gain a first down on two of their first three possessions, and that one drive they did manage to move the ball was helped greatly by a dumber-than-dumb personal-foul penalty on Cincinnati, negating a third-and-long situation. Jackson played with a sore wing and still threw for a career-high 323 yards in just three quarters, and while you can dispute that those yards were of the quantity-not-quality variety, there can't be much doubt that he is Seattle's best option at quarterback for the remainder of the season.

Seahawks' offense sputters against Bengals | - Sports - Seattle has 411 yards of offense, but can't put points on the board.

Silver linings: Seahawks vs. Bengals - NFC West Blog - ESPN - The facts: The Seattle Seahawks fell to 2-5 with a 34-12 home defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals. The upside: Even the worst defeats tend to feature a bright spot or two.

Seahawks Lose to Bengals: A Few Storylines - SB Nation Seattle - A few things that people are talking about following the Seahawks loss to the Bengals on Sunday.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Some Early Penalty Stats - You may have noticed that we're not doing the "Numbers Crunching" column on ESPN anymore this year. Unfortunately, that means I don't exactly have a lot of places for all the little stat tidbits that we have marked down in our myriad of stat workbooks. So I figured I'd empty my notebook with some Extra Points every so often.

10/31: Is the end near for Charlie Whitehurst? - Blog - - "What I had seen in the Cleveland game I felt was happening somewhat in the first quarter," Carroll told "Brock and Salk" on Monday. "Really, it didn't take very long."

Audio: Carroll explains decisions on QB, fourth down - Blog - - Pete Carroll joined "Brock and Salk" as he does each Monday and discussed his decision to start Charlie Whitehurst in Sunday's loss to the Bengals, Tarvaris Jackson's performance off the bench, the failed fourth-down play at the end of the first half, and more.

Has Anyone Ever Asked You If You Had "A Case Of The Mondays?" - SB Nation Seattle - I've always wondered what it was like to cover a team that loses and loses often. What are you supposed to say after a loss like the Seahawks managed on Sunday? Wouldn't it be depressing to pour over every mistake that was made on the way to a disheartening loss for your team? Well, yes.

Jerry Brewer | Reality leaves teeth marks on Seahawks | Seattle Times Newspaper - The self-proclaimed "hormonal" coach turned melancholy in defeat Sunday afternoon. It was like Pete Carroll had put the Seahawks' problems on a scale and watched the darned thing break. "Well, we found out some stuff today," he said softly, as if reacting to a dire medical report.

A case of questionable production  The Seahawks have slipped to 2-5 after Sunday's 34-12 loss to the Bengals at CenturyLink Field because of the same old problems that have plagued them all season.

Ouch! Stupid penalties sting Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - It’s the little things like penalties that continue to be a thorn in the side of the Seattle Seahawks.

2012 NFL Draft Rankings: Quarterbacks - As is the case almost every April, the quarterback position will be driven by underclassmen at the top of the position board.  Andrew Luck aside, there’s a nice lot of prospects that could develop into starters at the next level.  And though several of the seniors have disappointed, they do come with a nice amount of upside potential should they get their game back on track.

Carroll’s wisdom is wavering | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Two months into his 37th season as a football coach, Pete Carroll is learning that his worst game-day enemy is often Pete Carroll.

Why use Whitehurst needlessly? | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Of all the reasons fans can be upset with Seahawks coaching in a loss against Cincinnati on Sunday, the most costly mistake came before the game even started.

All black and orange in Seahawks loss to Bengals, 34-12 | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - Backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst started. Tarvaris Jackson finished.