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NFL Power Rankings After Week 9: The Seahawks ... Well, You Know.

The Seahawks are still loitering, lingering, brooding, and milling about at the bottom of the list for just about everyone out there. As we saw on Tuesday, the Hawks are currently seventh in terms of order for next year's Draft, but according to the Power Rankings compiled by outlets around the country, and also by statistical analysis, 'only seventh-worse' is being very generous. 

In fact, apart from Vinnie Iyer of CBS, Football Outsiders' DVOA is actually the most generous to the Seahawks (which is good, I guess), listing Seattle as 27th in total DVOA, a one-slot drop from last week. Past them, the Seahawks are right around the bottom 3, bottom 4 in the league by reputation. Advanced NFL Stats has the Hawks 29th in the league. 

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS DVOA Ratings -  27 (26): Seattle drops a notch. 26th in Offensive DVOA, 15th in Defensive DVOA, and 29th in Special Teams

Advanced NFL Stats:  29 (29). Only Denver, Kansas City, and Indianapolis sit below the Seahawks.

NFL power rankings: Time to cut Joe Flacco, Ravens some slack - NFL - Sporting News
25 (26): Vinnie Iyer - "Beast Mode" has kept the Seahawks competitive, and with their quarterback injury issues going forward, they'll need to stay in that mode a lot longer in games.

NFL Power Rankings - Top 32 NFL Football Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
31 (29): Brian Billick - Seattle is about to find out just how far away they are from being a good team by hosting the Ravens this weekend. If head coach Pete Carroll had issues with Jim Harbaugh at the college level, wait until he gets a load of is brother John and the Ravens D.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: It's The Packers And Everyone Else -
29 (30): Joel Thorman - 28th offense. 22nd defense. Hard to see how this team won even seven games last year.

Power Rankings: Pats' defensive woes start with Belichick - NFL - Football
28 (27) Pete Prisco - They just can't throw the football, no matter who plays quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson isn't the answer.

NFL Power Rankings Week 10 - National Football League - ESPN
28 (27): Mike Sando - The ground game is finally showing signs of life, but Ravens' run defense is next on the schedule.

NFP Power Rankings | National Football Post
30 (27) Staff: Time to start watching tape of USC QB Matt Barkley, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, etc.

Where would you guys put the Hawks? I can't say I disagree much with what these sites have to say.