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Coffee and Cigarettes: The Week That Was

I've decided to make this a weekly thing because there's so much good material around here lately and I'm sure people are missing out on some good analysis. Even if you've already read this stuff, you might have missed out on some good discussion so go check out what'd been said as well. Big tip of the cap to Thomas, Kenneth, Charlie, Whiskey, Krazy, Jacson, Davis and all the Field Gulls writers and contributors that have been putting in so much work lately.

In case you've not been around the site this week, this is what you've been missing. (Hint: It's a lot). 

The Field Gulls & 950KJR 12th Man Podcast for Week 10 - Field Gulls
Scott Enyeart, Jason Puckett, and Danny Kelly talk Seahawks in the run up to their matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

State of the Seahawks at the Halfway Point - SB Nation Seattle - Taking a look at this Seahawks team at the midway point.

The Seahawks' Gameplan in Activating Deon Butler - SB Nation Seattle - The Seahawks look to add an element of speed to their offense in Deon Butler.

NFL Picks, Week 10: Predicting The Weekend's Matchups - SB Nation Seattle - Week 10 is upon us, place your bets!

Doug Baldwin, Ben Obomanu Making Their Mark This Season On Seahawks Offense - SB Nation Seattle - A look at the impact Doug Baldwin and Ben Obomanu are having on the the Seahawks offense this season.

Seahawks Run Blocking Schemes - Field Gulls - A look at some of the Seahawks' run blocking schemes and their effectiveness against the Bengals last Sunday.

DraftWatch - Week 9 - Field Gulls - So while the Suck For Luck sweepstakes appears to be all but locked up, there's still plenty of drama going on in the first 10 picks of the draft. Seattle has moved up a peg to the #7 spot, and could very easily move up if Cam Newton, Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert start winning games for their respective teams. In any event, here's how the teams are ranked halfway into the season:

Seattle Seahawks Run Defense and Linebacker Play - Field Gulls - Looking at the Seahawks getting gashed by the Cowboys, and our troubling linebacker play.

Looking Forward to the Seahawks Second Half (?) - Field Gulls - A look back at the first half and a look forward at the second half of the Seahawks season.

Seahawks at Cowboys: Bar Notes and Song of the Week - Field Gulls - A recap of the Seahawks and Cowboys week 9 match.

Why Andrew Luck is Worth Three to Four First Round Draft Picks, From A Mathematical Standpoint - Field Gulls - A look at the Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart as it pertains to trading for Andrew Luck at the top spot.

A Loss is a Loss is a Loss, Right? - Field Gulls - The Seahawks are 2-6, but are they better than they were at the halfway point of last season?

Thinking Dynasty? Balance Is The Name Of The Offensive Game - Field Gulls - Run first or pass first? This is the question that has been on the minds of Hawk fans since Shaun Alexander started to decline.

Game Ball of the Week: Four Quarters of Beef'Moe - Field Gulls - The Seahawks finally unleashed the beast.

Eight Simple Things About Ravens Defense - Field Gulls - A look at the history of the Baltimore Ravens defense and where it stands now. Also, how Joe Flacco can be "So Raven."

Will the Seahawks’ Second Half Be a Step Towards the Future? - Field Gulls - The Seahawks are 2-6, which is below their expectations heading into the season. What can they gain in the second half, regardless of their final record?

Seahawks Power Play Series: Big Mike Williams, Anthony McCoy Sightings - Field Gulls - There are a lot of plays I could have picked out from this game to break down, but one thing that stuck out to me, and something I thought was important, was the re-emergence of the much-maligned and/or previously invisible Anthony McCoy and Mike Williams.

In Which Tarvaris Jackson Turns One of His Greatest Weaknesses into a Momentary Strength - Field Gulls - Football has not been the same for me this season. Now that I no longer break down tape each week, the gridiron is once again a tumult of chaos and entropy. It is nice to have some idea of what happened, if only for a quarter. 

Midseason Seahawks Thoughts, A - M - Field Gulls
With apologies to Peter King....

Ravens at Seahawks Wishes: An Ode to Days of Yore - Field Gulls
A poem for the Hawks and Ravens game on Sunday. Because sports and Poe go hand in hand.