Completely Way Too Early, Sippin' On the Kool-Aid, Seahawks Playoff Picture

Yeah I'm drinking the Kool-Aid here, I'll go out on a limb and say that making a playoff run isn't going to hurt our QB draft pick status any more than it already has, and I'm going full blown playoff bound nuts!

As Greetings from the Lord Humongous recently wrote, the Seahawks had the most brutal strength of schedule over the first nine games of the season and came out 3-6. We did beat a couple of playoff caliber teams in Baltimore and New York. Our consistency hasn't been there yet, but we have proven to be talented enough to win a big game.

The Seahawks beat a very bad St. Louis Rams football team to bring our record to 4-6. Two-game win streaks are not usually playoff-rocking ground-shaking things. Unless, your team has had a brutal schedule, beaten some big name teams, and has a soft schedule to finish out. Four of our six games are against sub .500 teams. The other two games are against 1. Chicago, who just lost their starting QB for the season, and 2. the 49ers.

If the 49ers clinch a play off spot early they may rest their starters for the last two games. Even if they decide not to rest, we match up well with them, and stayed in our loss to them deep into the 4th quarter. It could be possible to go 8-0 into the end of the season.

This is how the play off picture looks right now...

NFC West

San Fransisco (9-1) should lock up division. Leads (1-0 head to head) tie-break win with Eagles, Bucs, Lions, and Giants and loses tie-break with Cowboys.

Remaining games: Ravens (7-3), Rams (2-8) x2, Cards (3-7), Steelers (7-3), Seahawks (4-6)

Total Remaining SoS: 25- 35 42%

Seattle (4-6) has to win at least five of last six to have any chance. They win the tie-break with Giants. Tie-break loss with 49ers, Falcons, and Cowboys.

Remaining games: Redskins (3-7), Eagles (4-6), Rams (2-8), Bears (7-3), 49ers (9-1), Cards (3-7)

Total Remaining SoS: 28- 32 47%

NFC North

Green Bay (10-0) Unless they have an epic melt down, expect them to be the division winner. Win all tie breaks.

Remaining Games: Lions x 2 (7-3), Giants(6-4), Raiders (6-4), Chiefs (4-5), Bears (7-3)

Total Remaining SoS: 37-22 63%

Detroit (7-3) - brutal SoS could knock them from playoffs. Win tie-breaker wins with Bucs, Cowboys. Split with Bears. Loses tie to 49ers, Falcons.

Remaining Games: Packers (10-0) x2, Saints (7-3), Vikings (2-8), Raiders (6-4), Chargers (4-6)

Total Remaining SoS: 39- 21 65%

Chicago (7-3) - unfortunately with Caleb Hanie as their starter I believe their play off hopes may be ended. Head to head game will be played December 18. Wins tie-breaker with Falcons, Bucs, and Eagles. Split with Lions. Loses tie with Saints, Packers (still plays Packers once).

Remaining Games: Raiders (6-4), Chiefs (4-5), Broncos (5-5), Seahawks (4-6), Packers (10-0), Vikings(2-8)

Total Remaining SoS: 31-28 53%

NFC South

New Orleans (7-3) - Holds tie-breaker lead over Atlanta, Chicago. Split division games against Tampa Bay. Loses tie breaker to Green Bay.

Remaining Games: Giants (6-4), Lions (7-3), Titans (5-5), Vikings (2-8), Falcons (6-4), Panthers (2-8)

Total Remaining SoS: 28- 32 47%

Atlanta (6-4) wins head to head tie-break (1st tie-break) against the Seahawks, Eagles, and Lions. Loses tie to Saints, Chicago, Bucs, Packers

Remaining Games: Vikings (2-8), Texans (7-3), Panthers (2-8), Jaguars (3-7), Saints (7-3), Bucs (4-6)

Total Remaining SoS: 25-35 42%

Tampa Bay (4-6) Wins tie with Falcons. Split tie-break with Saints. Loses tie with Lions, 49ers, Bears, and Packers.

Remaining games: Titans (5-5), Panthers (2-8) x2, Jags (3-7), Cowboys (6-4), Falcons (6-4)

Total Remaining SoS: 24- 36 40%

NFC East

Dallas (6-4) Romo is the key to their play off run, wins head to head tie-break(1st tie break) against the Seahawks and 49ers. Loses tie with Eagles, Lions.

Remaining games: Dolphins (3-7), Cardinals (3-7), Giants (6-4)x2, Eagles (4-6), Bucs (4-6)

Total Remaining SoS: 26-34 43%

New York (6-4) Loses head to head tie-break (1st tie-break) against the Seahawks and 49ers. Split with Eagles.

Remaining games: Cowboys (6-4) x2, Saints (7-3), Packers(10-0), Skins (3-7), Jets(5-5)

Total Remaining SoS: 37-23 62%

Philadelphia (4-6) Head to head game played December 1st. Wins tie with Dallas. Split with Giants. Loses with Falcons, 49ers, Bears.

Remaining games: Pats (6-3), Seahawks (4-6), Dolphins (3-7), Jets (5-5), Cowboys (6-4), Skins(3-7)

Total Remaining SoS: 27- 32 46%


The Seahawks have the hardest schedule of the 4-6 teams. If we win out, we will stand at 10-6. This effectively will knock the Eagles out from the race (unless they win their division). We will also be the only 10-6 team in the West, its a slight advantage if there are 3 teams tied at 10-6.

We do not want to be in a 3-way tie with Dallas and Atlanta.

We get a little help from Cutler being out, and with the timing of the 49ers game the Seahawks have a chance to finish 10-6. Winning eight in a row would probably alleviate much of the criticism of inconsistency.

Some fans may wonder if at 9-7 or 10-6 we even have a chance in the playoffs. Well, if Beast Quake doesn't convince you there is some precedence, I'll give you a few more examples:

Most recently Green Bay won last year's Super Bowl with a 10-6 regular season record. In 2008 The Arizona Cardinals were the second team to make the Super Bowl with a 9-7 record, they almost won. Remember that epic show down of the undefeated Patriots and the Giants, where the Giants won? New York was 10-6 in the regular season.

Two of the last four Super Bowls were won by a team with ten wins, and a third was almost won by a team with nine wins. Parity is alive and well in the NFL, and once you get to the playoffs anything can happen. So go ahead drink the Kool-Aid, it sure tastes sweet