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The Official FieldGulls Fantasy Football Thread. Week 12 Edition.

The first rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against the Seahawks.

The second rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against the Seahawks.

Being Thankful

First, this of all weeks I want to take a moment to point out that I’m thankful for my family.  I hear horror stories about families that are dysfunctional at Thanksgiving (or other mass gatherings) and I just don’t get it.  I mean, those of you that have to put up with that, I empathize.  And I’ve heard a ton of comedians break out the dysfunctional holiday bits, and it always cracks me up, but I’m glad it’s a place of comedy for me and not a place I have to live in.  I think my favorites about being appreciative and the holidays are Jim Gaffigan and Louis CK.  Both are safe for work, which is another reason I like them. Although, if you’re not supposed to be on youtube at work, don’t be a moron and be on there!  Safe-For-Work means safe for work if your company doesn’t have a policy against video or internet usage during your on-the-clock hours.  And I wouldn’t say that if I haven’t seen more than a couple people lose their jobs for exactly that.  In fact, if you do work for such a company, get the hell off this site NOW, you being here is as wrong as an Online Amish Dating site.  Although this IS the most amazing Seahawks website on the entire interwebs, and you might even sell IT and the management if they take the time to look at what you’re wasting your time on.


No thankful fantasy football post would be complete without a moment of thankfulness for bad rival owners in fantasy.  He’s the guy you look toward hoping to pull a blockbuster, and he’s the guy you hope you play late in the season when the difference between winning and losing is bye week waiver wire maneuvers, and he’s made three all season.  Personally, I’m thankful for my "trade of the year" and the guy in my keeper league that three weeks ago offered me Arian Foster and Joe Flacco for Matt Schaub and Jamaal Charles.  Yes.  You heard that correctly.  Hey, at least he got two weeks from his new QB.  As for me, I now have a RB core of LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster, and while I may not win this year given that my string of bad luck dates back to, well, birth, BUT we’ll be in good shape moving forward next year, which is always a bonus in a keeper league.  My co-GM and I have debated once again (it is a California league, we’re the only Seahawks fans) changing the name of our team, as if we’re encouraging bad luck and giving the proverbial middle finger to the Gods.  But then I rebound and make my point that when we DO actually win, it’s going to be that much sweeter.  Just like our Seahawks.

Oh, I suppose I should share WHY our team name throws caution into the wind.  Because we’re PNW fans, we are unrepentant in our love of the home teams and unwilling to admit that we are due and WILL WIN eventually.  When luck does finally turn, we’ll have our revenge.  Our "Revenge of the Boz."  I personally loved Bosworth.  Of course I was 12 in 1987.  But he actually could play, of that there was no doubt.  His problem in my eyes was one of health alone.  Well, health and a false evalution of a mundane play between one of the best physical talents in the history of the game—with a full head of steam, and a linebacker who brought him down in a solo tackle, if a yard too late.

So my co-GM and I decided that Seattle was going to win (eventually) and we would have our Revenge of the Boz.  For the record of awesomeness, our team image is the Costacos Brothers legendary "Land of Boz"poster, which is one of my all time favorite posters.  I miss those days, those great posters from the 80’s and early 90’s.  The Bash Brothers, Bo Jackson "Black and Blue" Kenny Easley "the Enforcer" and "X Man Cometh" are just few of a host of many EPIC Costacos posters that I’m sure lined not only my bedroom, but some of yours.  I remember spending my allowance money on a new poster more than a couple times.  Please don’t tell me I’m the only one!


So be thankful this week, and have a great week.  You may be in your fantasy football playoffs, or fighting for a birth or seed in them starting next week.  You may be out of the playoffs.  Oh well.  Do your best to play the spoiler.  You may be a Mariners fan, hoping for (or against) a royal signing, and obviously mourning the loss of a great young player and by all appearances a great human being, Greg Halman.  As a Seahawk fan, you may be in limbo, feeling we’re out of the playoffs, and the "QBOTF" frontline drafting positions.  Personally, I’m enjoying my family, my friends, and mourning the loss of Mike Mills, my Co-GM and best friend’s  father and the coach of my (16-0) little league baseball team in Olympia long ago, South Bay Elementary.  He passed away to prostate cancer in Olympia last Sunday. 

In what feels like yesterday but actually happened in 1987, I hit the game winning RBI in the championship game, where we beat Travis Lee’s Westside team.  I have had many great coaches in my days as a player and coach in multiple sports from little league through college, and there wasn’t one I could definitively say got more out of his players than did Mike.  As Ryan Stoneberg, a teammate then and current Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Kansas City Royals said to me, "He always made you feel good about yourself at an age where too many youth coaches take [things] way too seriously."  So very true.  There were an awful lot of very good high school and college athletes whose careers benefited from Mike’s guidance, and the world is a little less awesome of a place without him.


Fantasy Picks Week 11

Last week my sleeper picks were Tavaris Jackson at QB (mild success), Sidney Rice (success) and Tashard Choice (epic fail, cut on Tuesday, though picked up on waivers by the Bills.)  I also pointed out that Chris Long seemed to have figured something out.  He looked great against the Hawks, despite rolling an ankle and not being healthy all game he still managed to be a dominating presence.  I am really impressed with Howie’s kid, and hope that he doesn’t provide us too many issues in future years when the stakes are higher.


QB- Carson Palmer.  He’s still only owned in 63% of Yahoo leagues, and yet he’s a better QB1 start than several more widely owned and started players.  He is going to get 2 TD’s a game, the question is if you can handle the 0-3 INT’s that come with it, and if the yardage gets enough points in your scoring system to counteract the negatives of zero rushing yardage potential and the high INT’s.  But if you’re desperate and have been sitting around waiting for Joe Flacco or Josh Freeman to start performing up to your expectations, might be time to check that wire.


WR—Johnny Knox.  Knox is owned in only 29% of Yahoo leagues, and just had his finest game of the season last week, nearing 100 yards and a TD.  There really aren’t very many attractive players out there on the wire, but he appears to be the best of slim pickings.  The Raiders been at best middle of the pack at defending the pass, and maybe he’ll heat up.  I know, it isn’t much, and I wouldn’t sit a regular to play him, but if you’re reaching, he’s a solid grab.


RB—Mo Morris.  We’re planning ahead here.  Mo was a bright note in today’s game.  Jahvid Best (concussion) may or may not play in upcoming weeks and flavor of the week Kevin Smith got the unenviable high ankle sprain.  Mo’s play likely warrants primary carries next week.  Tashard Choice is actually a semi-logical choice yet again, as he is going to Chan Gailey's offense.  Chan of course was his coach at Georgia Tech when he went for 3,365 yards in 3 years.  That being said, I'm not THAT much of a sucker. I don't think.


I’ll be heading off to the wilds of LakeWenatchee for some cabin shenanigans with friends over the weekend and will likely miss the games and be far from technology.  I’m so used to live-checking my fantasy scores on the weekend I don’t even remember how to watch a game without knowing where I sit scoring wise.  Might be nice.  I guess I’ll find out.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend, I hope you get to spend some more of it with the people who mean the most to you, be they friends or family.  Oh, hey.  Make sure you take a moment or two to let them know how much they mean to you.  You’ll never know if or when they will be taken from you.