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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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I see you.
I see you.

Thank God it's TGIF.

Logic (Newton) or Chance (Luck)? " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
If you were in charge of player-personnel decisions for the NFL team that had the opportunity to choose between Cam Newton or Andrew Luck, which quarterback would you take? I think this is probably one of the most compelling questions I’ve seen all season. There are so many layers of analysis to explore with this type of question.

Bill Barnwell on the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, and the rest of the first half of the NFL season in the AFC - Grantland
Part one of a two-part series previewing the second half of the NFL season.

The Shutdown Corner Week 9 Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
We're back with another weekly podcast featuring our favorite X's-and-O's analyst — Greg Cosell, the longtime NFL Films maven, who's also the executive producer of ESPN's "NFL Matchup." As always, we go through this week's upcoming games with a scout's eye and Greg in control of the All-22 tape.

Mac's Football Blog: A.J. Green Responds To Richard ShermanGreen answers Sherman’s criticism | Bengals Blog
"I think I did some things that I don’t usually do; some slack route running," said Green. "I feel coming off that bye week I didn’t have the proper release I needed to get off with their long corners. But they did a great job. I feel like they played their technique well. We didn’t adjust as well. I didn’t have the game that I wanted but it will be like that. When you’re trying to make that step you’re going to go through bumps and being a rookie I’m going to have to learn some more releases. I’ll just keep working at it."

Andrew Luck trade a possiblity? " Seahawks Draft Blog
The Colts are drifting towards an 0-16 season and the obvious conclusion is they’ll draft Andrew Luck as the heir apparent to Peyton Manning. It’s a complete formality, right?

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Jake Locker Feels Like He Is Learning More by Watching Matt Hasselbeck Than He Would by Playing
Jake Locker joined WGFX in Nashville with Three Hour Lunch to talk about why he decided to go back to Washington for his senior season, what he thinks of Andrew Luck, if he is following what other players in the draft are doing, and what it was like for him earlier this year to play in his first NFL game.

Year Of The Rookie: Cam Newton And The Long, Strange Trip Of Football's New Icon -
It's been exactly one year since Cam Newton became the most polarizing player in college football, and 12 months later the entire NFL is in love. So as the NFL toasts its new star, let's look back at the past year and what it says about Newton now.

2011 NFL Midseason Awards: Aaron Rodgers And Packers Dominate The Halfway Point - - Through eight weeks of NFL action, there are plenty of stories to tell, but only a few players and a few teams are worthy of special recognition and a few fake trophies.

140 To Go: Ranking, And Previewing, Every Remaining NFL Game - There are exactly 140 games remaining in the NFL's regular season. Here, we intend to rank each one in terms of most exciting and intriguing, to most boring and unwatchable. Join us as we update this StoryStream throughout the day.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Tarvaris Jackson Raises Expectations - Charlie Whitehurst has spent the last two weeks nailing himself into a quarterback coffin. He went from Clipboard Jesus to Clipboard Lucifer in record time. The Seahawks fortunes have followed a similar trajectory, which is no coincidence. Lost in the mayhem has been a stretch of strong play from Tarvaris Jackson that should have fans reassessing a player who will likely be the starter in Seattle through 2012.

Harbaugh wanted to wipe Brooks’ blood on his cheek - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
A high-five. A pat on the rear. Maybe one of those mid-air hip-checks if they're feeling saucy enough. That's the way a head coach usually celebrates big moments with his players. Not Jim Harbaugh, though. No, Jim Harbaugh wants to celebrate with blood.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Walkthrough: Lovin', Puntin', Screenin'
Let us now celebrate the Eagles tight end screen: the weapon of choice for making the Cowboys look extra silly on Sunday night.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Word of Muth: A Saintly Stumble
New Orleans’ loss to St. Louis certainly qualified as the biggest upset of Week 8, if not the entire season. Going into the game the Rams were winless and ranked dead last in Total DVOA, while the Saints were coming off a 62-7 victory over the hapless Colts. It certainly seemed as if the Saints were a team that could handle the bottom feeders of the NFL easily. Well, as the saying goes: "that’s why they play the games."

Midseason Seahawks MVP – Kam Chancellor
2-5 isn’t a record any Seahawks fan should be happy with. There has been some flat out ugliness on the field at times for the Seahawks but there also has been quite a few flashes of brilliance. Thinking through the first 7 games there are 3 players who really stand out as being possible midseason MVPs for the Seahawks.

Marshawn Lynch and Running Lanes - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
It’s something I’ve been noticing for few weeks now, and it became really apparent this last week against the Bangles. Marshawn Lynch is really slow getting to the hole. Any fan can see that the offensive line blocking for the run, but the line isn’t the only problem in the Seahawks running game.

Thiel: Some hard miles Sunday in Texas for T-Jack | Seattle Seahawks
Carroll wanted to keep Jackson out against Bengals, but put him in away, and still lost. Now the QB gets to go fulltime against the premier defense of the Dallas Cowboys.

Lynch putting run-game struggles on himself -
Marshawn Lynch could deflect Seattle's inability to establish any sort of run game, blaming it on a young and inexperienced offensive line or the Seahawks' inability to stay on the field. Instead, he's putting it squarely on himself. "I'm the only one running," Lynch said Wednesday. "Who else's fault could that be or who else's responsibility could that be?"

Seahawks defense patient with struggling offense | - Sports
There's no locker-room friction between the two sides despite the performance disparity in games.

Seahawks hope for mistakes by prolific Dallas QB Tony Romo | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
The Seattle Seahawks don’t know which Tony Romo will greet them when they travel to Arlington, Texas, to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Building for the Long Term
Going from NFC West champions to 2-5 is taking its toll on the Seahawks, coach Pete Carroll and the team’s fans. But as history shows, struggles usually precede long-term success.

Why I’m looking ahead to the 2012 running back class " Seahawks Draft Blog
While Seattle’s record has so far been a disappointing 2-5, in many ways, the roster is shaping up exactly as John Schneider and Pete Carroll hoped it would.

Breaking Down the Seahawks Rush Defense - SB Nation Seattle
Taking a look at two different run plays that had different levels of success for the Bengals as they tested the Seahawks run defense.

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings | ScoutTheDraft.COM 24.  Seattle Seahawks – (2-5) - Seattle was embarrassed at home by the Bengals in week 8, and quarterback is no longer the team’s greatest weakness.  It’s the running game.  Dallas has one of the league’s best run defenses, so it’s not going to get any easier for the ‘Hawks in week 9.

Yep…TJack is Still a Better Option than Hasselbeck " Wait For It Seattle
The first article I wrote when creating this blog was about the Seahawks making the right decision in letting Matt Hasselbeck go this offseason. It was my re-entry into this sports journalism world (if you call this journalism which most wouldn’t). It is so old it isn’t even on this site ( For the first few weeks of the year, I felt like an idiot. Many still think I am (for various reasons), but I am not. Getting rid of Hasselbeck is still the correct decision.

Bevell on creating balance on offense | Seahawks Insider
Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell discussed a hot topic this week, creating better offensive balance on offense with Seattle struggling to run the ball so far this season. "We can do better balancing it up," Bevell said. "Sometimes when you’re ahead in the game, then the runs start to balance up, but that hasn’t been the case."