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Coffee and Cigarettes: College Football Links for Saturday

College Football Gameday. Here are some links to good CFB reading.

The RSP Blog’s Top 20 RB Prospects (2006-2011) Part I | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
One of the most frequent requests I’ve heard from readers over the years is to rank players at their position across several draft classes. It’s an entertaining thing to read, but I’ve always been reticent about doing it. There are a lot of approaches I could take with the ranking process and I’m not sure if any of them will feel good enough to stand behind. I could rank by checklist scores, but I don’t believe in ranking players solely by the quantitative criteria I used to derive a score in the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication. This is only half of the analysis that I perform. The other half is providing a detailed context behind the scoring that often fills in the gaps that the data leaves behind. Even then, there is a factor I call "The Great Emotional Divide," which separates productive NFL players from massively talented NFL prospects. Another valid question is whether I should judge these players based on what I’ve seen from them in the NFL. If so then am I doing justice to the rookies from the 2011 class?

The RSP Blog’s Top 20 RBs (2006-2011) Pt II | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
The idea of compiling a rankings analysis across several years of Rookie Scouting Portfolio publications has been a popular request by readers for years, but something I have resisted doing. For a complete explanation why please read Part I. If you want to know how my ranking of these players differs from the actual process I use for the RSP publication please read Part I. And if you want to know why I view this exercise as an entertainment piece and not a more serious analysis please read Part I. Moreover, if you want to see players 11-20, you know what to do. See, I didn’t even need to say it.

Scouts to scrutinize Oklahoma, Texas A&M passing combos - NFL - Sporting News
While most of the nation will be focused on Tuscaloosa, many NFL scouts will have their eyes on Norman, Okla., where Oklahoma will host Texas A&M. It is widely assumed that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will be the first player taken in the 2012 draft (assuming he comes out early). But there is an interesting competition for the second quarterback slot on draft boards—and Oklahoma junior quarterback Landry Jones is in the middle of that debate.

Despite average stats Temple RB Pierce stands out -
Temple lost a key game in the race for the MAC East crown Wednesday night to the Ohio, but even in the defeat the nationally televised contest gave fans (and scouts) a rare opportunity to see Owls' junior running back Bernard Pierce. Pierce, listed at 6-1, 218 pounds, entered the contest ranked 11th in the country in rushing yards per game (118.8) and tied for first with 18 rushing touchdowns (with Wisconsin's Montee Ball).

Five Prospects I'll Be Scouting Closely Saturday - - Each Friday I list my "Five prospects" that I'll be focusing on for the upcoming weekend. In reality, I'm focusing on dozens of prospects each week, but the players listed below are playing in high profile games and against the caliber of competition that I believe provides us with an opportunity to truly assess how a collegiate player might fare when asked to make the huge jump to the NFL. 

College Football Buffet, Week 10: LSU Vs. Alabama Is Your Main Course - - Obviously, LSU vs. Alabama is the main course in college football this weekend. But don't miss out of the other tasty morsels being served up.

Chris Polk And His Role In The Washington Huskies' Offense - SB Nation Seattle - A look at how Chris Polk is used in the Washington offense and the variety of roles he takes on each week. 

Week 10 picks: No way LSU rolls out of Tuscaloosa with a win - NCAA Football -
I have a great amount of respect for Brett McMurphy, my colleague here at CBS. The guy has broken more news on all the conference realignment stuff than anybody this year. I'm proud to work with him. Which is why I can say, respectfully, that he's going to be flat-out wrong about this one. LSU coming into Tuscaloosa and beating Nick Saban's team? Sorry, I'm not buying that one.

Who Will Be 2012's Marques Colston or Donald Driver? - Mocking The Draft
If your favorite team needs a wide receiver, chances are that guys like Alshon Jeffery, Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are already on your radar - all three project to be top 15 picks in next April's NFL Draft. If your team looks like it's headed for the playoffs, the second tier of WR's might interest you: Mohamed Sanu, Nick Toon, Ryan Broyles, Jeff Fuller, etc. While those guys will get the bulk of the media coverage and hype in the early spring, there are a number of later prospects who could turn into quality football players. While it's very rare for a team to hit on a late round WR, guys like Donald Driver, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Steve Johnson and Marques Colston are proof that great receivers can be found in the later rounds of the draft. Let's take a look at some of the best late round WR's of the past 16 years, as well as some 2012 prospects could become the next late round steal

2012 NFL draft: Justin Blackmon showcases top-10 talent - NFL - Sporting News
At the beginning of each football season, NFL teams have initial player grades based on their scouts evaluating big college programs over the summer and the National or BLESTO evaluations. Now that we are well into the 2011 college season with scouts roaming the country, those grades are changing. Here is a breakdown of players whose performance has helped their draft stock and two who haven't played as well as expected.

LSU Vs. Alabama: What Happens After No. 1 And No. 2 Meet? -
The winner of LSU-Alabama will be your heavy national championship favorite. But if history is any indication, the narrative might have a few more twists and turns before a champion is crowned.

College Football TV Schedule, Week 10: Alabama-LSU And A Well-Stocked Undercard -
No. 1 LSU plays No. 2 Alabama this week, the first such-ranked regular season matchup in five years. Perhaps you've heard. The rest of the college football schedule for Week 10 features various other teams playing various other games.

2011 Heisman Trophy Watch: Crowning Andrew Luck And The Power Of Bad Defense -
2011 Heisman Watch: Can Trent Richardson overcome the wave of conditional wisdom? And is it fair to punish Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III because they can't make their respective defenses play better?

Oh my god it's the game of the century of the week. We sort of assume lines in this game will start with advanced weaponry like pistols. Then they will run out of ammunition and start clubbing each other with the guns, and then the second half will just fight with anything they can grab in the mud. Given a sort of brutal push on the lines, these are the fault lines (outside of, um, the lines) in the Bama/LSU game.

Andrew Luck’s arm strength looks just fine to me | National Football Post
The Stanford signal caller has more than enough arm to make all the throws.